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Mar 10, 2012 12:01 PM

Pizza, pizza.....north of Boston

Hi. I was just reminded that I owe pizza and beer as part of a bet. I'm looking for a place that serves a great pie. I like thin crust but can adapt to thick if it's really good. I personally don't care for the kind that drips oil on your chin. Also should be a place that serves drinks. Can be a pub or dining establishment, but preferrably a casual/relaxing atmosphere. I'm near Danvers, but North of Boston stretches to Salem, Cape Ann, Southern NH, out to Haverhill and North Reading. Thanks.

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  1. Angela's Coal Fired Pizza. Rt 1 north. Try the wings also.

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      2nd Angela's, also Orzo in N. Andover serves a pretty good za.

    2. Kruegars flatbread in Haverhill is good.

      1. Angela's on Rt. 1 is good..Santarpio's on Rt. 1 is better...lately I think Teresa's Italian Eatery on Rte 114 in Middleton beats them both. Also beats both for atmosphere...sort of trendy casual..with a martini bar. Angela's and Santarpio's are beer and wine only. ( if that is an important consideration)

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          Suzie11, to get a better idea of what you like, what places in your area are your favorites and least favorites now? Do you prfer a small quiet place, or a big happening bar? Also, just curious what you think of Calitris pizza since its in Danvers and its a different style than most places in the area?

        2. I've been to Kruegar's, Teresa's and Flatbread in Amesbury. I liked both the atmosphere and pizza in all. I would enjoy goinng back to any of them but was hoping to try something new. Probably not looking for a "big happening bar".... I like a place where you can have a conversation and be heard. I haven't been to Calitri's in 5 or so years. I remember thinking the pizza was pretty good, but don't remember anything about the "style" that it was.

          1. I am a big fan of Crush in Nashua. They serve Neopolitan style pizza, so it is a pizza that is wetter than what most people in the area are familiar with. There is also a good char to the crust. They serve beer and wine, too.

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              If you like thin crust bar style pizza, I would recommend The Brown Jug in Chelsea. Since their move from the former cellblock-like location, the place has become somewhat gentrified and you can't beat their prices. It is now located adjacent to the shopping center on rt. 16, set back between a McDonalds and a CVS.

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                resurrecting a north shore pizza thread since there are probably some new places around so maybe time for an update.. We have recently become addicted to the four cheese pizza at Yardhouse in Lynnfield. Its a bit different because it has ricotta in it, so its very soft and droopy and the dough is like nice warm bread dough, thin, good all the way to the puffy edges with a nice basil-ish flavor and the oven taste reminds me of Reginas flavor. I think the cheeses are whole milk mozz, fontina, parm and ricotta. very melty, not chewy cheese.. Its pretty addictive, but not for those who like a hard crunch to their pizza. and its half price at happy hour times, I think 3 to 6 and 9 to 12, for about 5 bucks.
                Oh, also a very good regular Itallian style thin crust 16 ' pizza can be found in Melrose at Comellas for $5 anytime plus about 2 bucks a topping. The onions are excellent, sauteed in their homemade dressing. Its a great take out place for all Italian but we enjoyed eating there as well, although smallish but I always like pizza best right out of the oven..

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                  Our go-to (after Regina's No.End) is Stone Hearth in Winchester. Whole wheat crust, the spicy sauce (not the regular, though i don't consider it spicy) and the caramelized onion with their own unique sausage and freshly roasted peppers. really well done only. full bar as well. easy parking.

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                    Will have to check out Comellas. Such a crazy place to tuck in a little restaurant! Our go to for pizza delivery in Melrose is Lisa's Pizzeria on West Wyoming Ave. Have enjoyed the chicken parm from Alfredos on West Emerson, but have not tried their pizza.