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Mar 10, 2012 11:37 AM


I bought two packs of sausages.

"Chicken Fiesta" which I assume is some sort of spicy sausage and a pack of "Spinach and Feta".

I want to make sausage sandwiches with these but I don't know what type of bread or cheese or toppings to use..

Any suggestions???

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  1. Lobster roll, french baguette or submarine rolls would all work.

    1. one already has cheese.

      i always like sauteed peppers and onions with sausage, and for the spicy sausage some nice sharp provolone, fontina or asiago would all work.

      1. Italian roll like the kind used to make hoagies (hero, sub, etc.). Provolone as a cheese selection.

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          Try some aged provolone if you can find it. I bought some for a deep dish pizza and it was surprisingly flavorful.


          1. re: JuniorBalloon

            Yes, aged provolone has a sharper flavor than the ordinary stuff. I never got into deep dish pizza. I was a teenager when pizzerias were family owned, before corporate pizzerias existed, and pizze (plural in Italian) were thin crust.

            1. re: ChiliDude

              I know what you mean about corporate pizza. I prefer to make my own. As far deep dish goes, there is a type made in Siclia that is probably the origin of the Chicago deep dish pizza. I like them thick and thin.


              1. re: ChiliDude

                growing up in brooklyn in the 60s and 70s, we had thin, or regular pizza, and also "sicilian", which was a rectangular thick-crust pie. it was nothing like deep-dish chicago-style pizza.

          2. Both could probably use some complimentary vegetable toppings. The spicy chicken could go well with sauteed red pepper strips and jalapeno slices, maybe even with some corn tossed in. Maybe some cilantro for fresh crunch? And the spinach and feta would be good with some arugula and tomatoes, tossed with balsamic dressing, maybe even with some chipped kalamata olives tossed in.