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Mar 10, 2012 10:18 AM

Seafood/Asian/Romantic Dinner Near MIT/Central Square

Going to an event at 7 pm near MIT/Central Square, and we are hoping to have an early dinner around 5:30 pm.

Sadly had to cancel at Myers + Chang in the South End due to the timing of the event we are attending :( :( :(

I like spice, seafood, and something a little romantic! Thanks for your help!

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  1. not asian, but i like the spaces and food very much at rendez-vous, central kitchen, hungry mother and blue room. since you'll be dining early all those spots will still be very quiet.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      All great recommendations. Rendezvous has great seafood options.

    2. although neither seafood/spicy/Asian, Salts could be considered on the romantic side-- try the tableside carved duck for 2.
      If you got in when they open at 6pm and ordered right away, since they're near MIT/Central, might work for your timing. you might even try calling them ahead of time and explaining your situation, they might be able to get a head start on your order before you arrive.

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      1. re: barleywino

        Not far - East by Northeast on Cambridge St (maybe a 10 minute drive?) - innovative Asian and, in it's own quiet way, romantic.