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Mar 10, 2012 07:07 AM

Traveling with elderly parent from Boston!

Hi Hounders!
I'm driving from Boston to Thomaston tomorrow with my 85 year old (and quite sprightly) mother and looking for recomendations for lunch somewhere around Bath, and dinner later on that evening in Portland.
Keeping in mind that it will be Sunday, are there any places that you could recomend. Nothing super fancy or trendy and maybe seafood for dinner? Thanks much!

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  1. Not sure if they'll be open on Sunday at this time of year, but we found Kennebec Tavern on the waterfront in Bath surprisingly good recently, including a unique smoked tomato soup. Not fancy, but quite acceptable:

    For seafood dinner on a Sunday evening in Portland, you should definitely try Street and Company on Wharf St. I know they're open on Sunday, food is perfect. Reservation would be needed, and you can ask for a back corner table.

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      Thanks so much , mainemal. Kennebec had already been recomended by a Boston friend who's from Bath, so I'll definatley check it out! Street and Co. sounds great, especially as we'll be staying downtown overnight. Do you think I could reserve a table in the afternoon for the same evening though? Thanks again!