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Mar 10, 2012 06:33 AM


My wife and I will be in the Arras/Amiens/Compiegne area in the fall, visiting WWI sites. The area appears to be a bit of a wasteland both in terms of good places to eat and good places to stay. Any suggestions as to either would be appreciated. I realize that by the time we reach Compiegne, we will be quite close to Reims and Epernay, but I would appreciate suggestions NOT in those two places, as we will be visiting them next. Many thanks!

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  1. Few months ago ate on the Quai at a very nice place on the second floor. Excellent French food, not the crepe one and not the pig one, but had great mussels which was what we went for. Lots of antique shops a few meters away as well. Maybe four blocks from cathedral.

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      Thanks, Delucacheesemonger. I assume you must be talking about Amiens?

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          l would say no, this one you sent me seems WAY fancier.