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Mar 9, 2012 09:00 PM


So which restaurants are having Passover dinners this year? Have any posted menus?

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  1. Akasha Passover Seder, Saturday April 7th. Menu is not yet up. I have attended before and it is a very warm and tasty evening.

    9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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      At Akasha they do a short service. Food is served very genrously family style, amazing Passover deserts too including homemade chocolate dipped matzo.

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        I went this year and it was a hot mess! very unorganized. barley a seder. not one song. literally stopped mid-sentence to say 'okay, we are just going to stop now and eat'. (this was about 15-20 minutes in to reading the 'program guide' as our misguided server referred to the Haggadah) all orders at my table were completely mixed up. Saving grace was the nice couple seated next to me.

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          With the Seder, how does it work ? Is it held in a separate room in these restaurants or is the Seder meal the only meal served in these restaurants ?

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            at jar and akasha it was the only meal...if i recall correctly, Street serves their menu later in the evening.

    2. I think Melisse is having one. (they had one last year). Not sure if they've posted. Go take a look.

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        I just posted a long schpiel about updated restaurant seders before I saw Weiner Mobile's Post. I promptly called Melisse, and the hostess told me she has worked there for three years at Melisse, and at least during that time, they have not had a Seder there. Is she mistaken!? That would solve a lot of problems if I could get a correct answer as, please read my Pesach Post of this evening, 3-10-12, I am not finding a restaurant Seder for the first night. -Thanks, JET

        1. re: Jet

          Don't think they've had a formal seder - but I do remember Josiah Citrin telling me they had a passover dinner at Melisse. Maybe it was private, but I do remember they had one. Let me suss it out and get back to you.

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          Thanks, but that is dated info. which has places that are now closed for business. My post (separate from this original post) was written after calling all these suggestions, so it has updated info. Plus, some info. that is still not answered by other Pesach Posts on Chow. Please respond to that if you have specifics that are current. I wish AKASHA did a first night.........You described it well! - JET

        2. Jet's post can be found here: We'll be locking that one, so please continue with your suggestions here. Thanks!

          1. The original comment has been removed