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Mar 9, 2012 08:02 PM

Monday Dinner in BIlbao? (May)

I have spent hours searching these boards and other places in hopes of finding an excellent foodie experience in Bilbao on a Monday night. Everything is closed! I will be arriving in Bilbao late Sunday from the states, and only staying two nights. On Tuesday, we will do the Guggenheim and head to Extebarri and San Sebastian. On Sunday, we will do Tapas/Pinxtos. But is there anything special we can do on Monday - lunch or dinner? We will do whatever tapas is still open for the other meal. Any budget, fancy or tapas, modern or traditional, no restrictions. We prefer something with a focus on seafood but what is most important is that is truly good. Help?

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  1. I have the same question. We will be in Bilbao for a conference in July and wanted to find a good place to eat on Monday, both for lunch and dinner. Were you able to find any good places that were open on Mondays? Also did you find any particularly interesting places for Tapas/Pinxtos?

    1. Im in this boat, too. We land in Bilbao on a Monday afternoon. Plan on sleeping in SS that night. Thoughts in either location or along the way? Nothing that requires reservations.

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        In San Sebastian, we found some great tapas Monday night. In the Gros, we went to Bergara and had a prawn and mushroom tortilla that was amazing. Also, their Txhalupa, which is recommended, was good. We also went to Mil Catas and had risotto with mushrooms and foie. Did not like Bar Cepa in the parte vieja, but it was open. As is Bar Alejandro.

        Can't find anything in Bilbao on any night.

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          "As is Bar Alejandro."

          Do you mean Bodegon Alejandro? Very nice food.