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bumping threads

soupkitten Mar 9, 2012 06:02 PM

over a month ago i started an "iso fairly uncommon cuisine" thread on my home board. it received no responses, bummer! today it occurred to me to bump the thread in the hopes that some fresh eyeballs might see it and respond. in the absence of any new content or updates the entirety of my new post to the older op was:

bump :)

when i checked my home board later, i did not see the thread--my bump post was removed. is there a rule wrt thread bumping i don't know about? i can understand not wanting folks bumping stuff pointlessly a zillion times or bumping ancient, out-of-date threads, but bumping a current inquiry to see if anyone has any new info would seem to be reasonable. anyway i am sorry if i unthinkingly created noise rather than signal. i would like to know policy on thread bumping so i can be more thoughtful in future. thanks.

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    cwdonald Mar 10, 2012 07:14 AM

    I don't think there is a rule. I have seen people do it on other boards, but they say more than bump. Also, it helps sometimes if you say you have a deadline...

    1. The Chowhound Team Mar 10, 2012 09:26 AM

      Bumping a thread--adding a new post to bring it back to the top of the boards without adding any new content--is something we discourage. If everyone did that with their threads, it would be chaotic.

      But we do want people to get the information they're looking for, so if you feel like you didn't get enough tips, or the right tips, to answer your questions, it's okay to bring the thread back up. Before you do, please take a few minutes to think about the answers you did get (or about why you may have received no answers) and what's missing. Try to clarify your questions so posters have more information to help you with. That'll help ensure bumping your thread actually helps you get the information you need, instead of more silence or responses that don't answer your question.

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      1. re: The Chowhound Team
        soupkitten Mar 14, 2012 01:18 PM

        thanks for this clarification. if it comes up again i will try to keep all those points in mind.

        the good news for me is that one of the people on my home board happened to see the thread and respond with a great suggestion, which led to other folks also making recs! i think at times folks don't respond because of the wording of the op, but sometimes it's just because of timing, and folks don't happen to see and respond.

        i know speaking for myself, sometimes i've looked at an "iso" op and i then go so far as to check a local market or restaurant, but i will forget to respond w the info i learned, unless someone "bumps" the thread and puts it in my face-- then i'm like, "oh yeah." so i do appreciate the mods being open to a "bump" by an op especially in the case of a stumper of a question. i promise not to start over-using non-content "bumps" though--i agree that gratuitous thread bumping can be annoying.

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