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Mar 9, 2012 05:57 PM

Smoked Meat

Just found a new place serving my favorite dish by the office. I'm not sure anything can top Schwartz' in Montreal, but since we're in Calgary and this was quite memorable, I figured I'd pipe in.

It's right by Mcleod and 11th Ave and is called Gruman's...anyone else been!?!

Any other recommendations for Calgary while we're at it?

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  1. Two other smoked meat delis you might try (although they are a much farther jaunt)

    Myhre's Deli

    Alberta King of Subs

    Alberta King Of Subs
    7196 Temple Dr NE, Calgary, AB T1Y, CA

    Myhre's Deli
    1411 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1G7, CA

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    1. re: cancowboy

      Myhre's Deli most definitely makes an excellent smoked meat sandwich. I can't compare with Schwartz' because unfortunately I've never had the pleasure of eating one there. I think it's about as close to a classic montreal smoked meat sando as you're going to get in cowtown.

      I particularly like the Rueben which comes grilled with swiss, sour kraut, and your choice of mustards. (house and keens for me). The sandwich comes with slaw, chips and a pickle for sides

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      1. I get my smoked meat fix at Kickers (1215 1st Street SW). It stacks up (pun!) against Myhre's for the best in the YYC.

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        1. re: DeeDub

          Palace of Eats down in the Beltline is pretty good as well.

          1. re: Hart50

            Palace of Eats changed their name a couple of years ago and is now known as Myhres Deli.

            1. re: DeeDub

              I guess I'm getting confused. What's the name of its sister in Marda Loop?

              1. re: Hart50

                I believe the place you're referring to is Avenue Deli. Initially I think it was owned or at least directly associated with Myher's (at the time Palace of Eats). I get the feeling ownership or management changed shortly afterwards and although it's not bad, I've found pretty much everything there to be inferior to what you get at Myher's. I honestly can't even explain it. After lunch at Myhers I'm usually thinking that service and food was awesome.....after lunch at the sister joint I'm thinking bleh....average.

                1. re: johnjohnson78

                  I think they're the same. Both website's still linked to each other, and the menu is the same on both.

        2. Gruman's been around town in the past in at least 2 other incarnations. I wonder if the 3rd time's a charm?

          1. If you want to make your own, Costco carries Dunn's. I'm a Schwartz fan, but Dunn's is a good second place.

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            1. re: Scary Bill

              Scary - where is this Dunn's in Costco? with the meats or in a freezer aisle? How big of a package is it? I love Costco but I hate wasting food.

              I have not tried Gruman's yet myself, but a few friends are raving about it. I tend to go to Kickers as it's close to my office. Its good but I don't feel you get as much of a 'stack' of meat as Myher's - which is ok by me.

              1. re: TSAW

                It has been a while since I bought it, but it is sold in the refrigerator section near the bacon and comes in individual, sealed pouches. You can heat in a microwave or use 'boil in a bag' method. My mom buys it and freezes it. Comes out fine. I think there are maybe 6 or 8 pouches in a box.

                1. re: TSAW

                  In addition to the individual pouches, there are brisket portions, roughly 2 pounds, some more, some less. These are usually in the refrigerated area with cold cuts and sausages. I have frozen portions, and they freeze reasonabye well, as you do have to steam them for a couple of hours before slicing.