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Mar 9, 2012 05:42 PM

Is Nook ever open?

fourth try today to eat at Nook on the Ave. first time wrong day but all other times they should have been open. anybody have any details on this joint?

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  1. There were customers being served yesterday early afternoon.

    1. I went once on a late Saturday morning, no problem. My biscuit sandwich was good but not rave-worthy (I actually don't remember that much about it now, other than I think I might've preferred it without the tomato jam). I prefer Dahlia Workshop, I think.

      1. What time are you showing up? They close at 2pm or whenever they run out of biscuits; on weekends, this can happen kind of early.

        1. It's literally a two-person operation, so things can happen. (I guess you could call to see if they're open)
          That said, I've only once had a problem finding them open when they were supposed to be (there was a note on the door saying they were sick).

          I love their biscuits. They go with the crispy outside kind (which I prefer), rather than the fluffy all-around kind.