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Mar 9, 2012 04:27 PM

Yuba's web site

I've read many great review's about Yuba on this site. Lau also has a great review on his site with fantastic photos. Alas, when I visit Yuba's own website and look at the menu I don't see any of the fantastic dishes being described on this site and Lau's. Am I missing something? For example I drool at the Uni with risotto described on Lauhound but I don't see it on Yuba's own web site.

105 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. One of the chefs from Yuba, George Ruan, left a while back and the menu has changed as a result. The cooked dishes are still good, especially the ones that include the restaurant's namesake ingredient. I haven't recently tried any of the menu offerings that involve sushi or sashimi, which were Chef Ruan's specialty.

    1. A while back I reviewed my meal at Yuba. I remembered some of the dishes lacking in the flavor they claimed to be. i.e. truffle w/ something and you don't taste any truffle. I was disappointed when I got there to learn there were no Japanese chefs working there. Although I believe both owner /chefs worked at a well known Japanese restaurant. I forget which. I was there twice, when they first opened. Before any liquor license and they were kind enough to give me a big glass of sake for free. The sushi i had there was below par. Two times was enough for me, I havent been back and don't plan on it

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        they both worked at Masa.

        i dont fault them for not being Japanese, i'd normally just be skeptical of it, but ultimately I don't care if they actually know how to cook the food and the meal I had there was excellent. Unfortunately, they have a poor location and didn't get enough press. The chef that left I believe is going to work for Masa at some new restaurant he's opening I believe

        I haven't been back to re-try it since he left although it's on my list of things to do

        1. re: Lau

          I probably generalized too much. I knew a Chinese sushi chef, who worked in Japan for may years, and came here to work at various sushi restaurants. He was not Japanese , yet was very skilled. As far as the location, I think the location is good, especially since he can get the spillover from Ippudo a block away. I might go back and try again, Not the sushi , just the dishes. Maybe it will suprise me this time

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            you would think so since it is downtown sort of central, but that spot has crappy foot traffic and it's sort of an odd location

            i need to re-try it as well, also the ippudo crowd is going to be completely different than yuba

      2. I've been to Yuba about 6 times- sat a couple of times at the sushi bar- I'm not sure why but the dine-in menu is much different from the take out one on their website.

        Nevertheless I really like Yuba, and I had been looking for a new mid-priced sushi bar since I'd been let down too many times by restaurants like Kanoyama & Hasaki. Cotan was great, but once it closed I was in limbo before finding Yuba. The fish is always very fresh, and they have a decent variety on hand with some unusual fishes.

        If you go I really recommend their specials since it showcases the fresh ingredients that are in season. I don't usually order their cooked dishes since I go there for the sushi, but the ones I have tasted were excellent.

        I did not dine at Yuba when it first opened, so I can't comment on how much it has changed over the past few years. But I have dined there for the past few months and have never been disappointed. Their uni specials are amazing, and I had their live scallop 3 ways today- best scallop I've ever had.

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        1. re: alkonost

          its changed quite a bit since it first opened, one of the chef / owners left and they expanded the menu alot, i think in an attempt to reach a broader crowd. i'd say its not as good as when it first opened, but its still pretty good

          1. re: Lau

            Hi Lau,

            Out of curiosity, where has the quality changed? Was it with the sushi or the cooked dishes? So far I love it though I wish I knew about the restaurant when it opened, and I would love to have sampled it back then to enjoy the quality. The sushi is very well priced for the quality and I find myself going here a lot. I know there are better places out there, but they're usually at a *much* higher price point more appropriate for special occasions.

            1. re: alkonost

              the fish itself was of similar quality, i thought their rice wasn't as good last time and some of their cooked dishes weren't quite as good

              not to say its bad by any means, its still quite good

              1. re: Lau

                Ahh ok, it all makes more sense now. I almost always stick to sashimi rather than sushi/maki, so I haven't had enough of the cooked dishes or sampled the sushi rice to really comment on it. I'm extremely pleased with the fish, they seem very consistent with that.