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Mar 9, 2012 04:24 PM

BBQ Recommendations for Durham NC Roadtrip to Charlottesville VA

This road trip looks long and boring. Are there some good stops along the way for local BBQ?

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  1. Pick up some for the road before you leave Durham or wait til you get to Charlottesville.

    Backyard BBQ Pit @ 5122 NC Hwy. 55, Durham, NC. 919 - 544 - 9911.
    Backyard BBQ Pit @ 3218 Guess Road, Durham, NC 919 477 - 8609.
    Bullock's BBQ @ 3330 Quebec Drive, Durham, NC. 919 - 383 - 3211.
    Dickey's BBQ @ 5318 New Hope Commons Drive, Durham, NC 919 - 419 - 1101.
    Hog Heaven BBQ @ 2419 Guess Rd. Durham, NC. 919 - 286 - 7447.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Frankly, I wouldn't eat at any of those except maybe Backyard. Bullock's is disgusting, Dickey's is an awful, awful chain restaurant, I don't think Hog Heaven even smokes over wood. Yuck.

      Go to Allen&Son in Chapel Hill (10 minute drive from Durham) and call it a day.

      You won't find any good bbq on the drive to Charlottesville. I did that drive every week for two years. No bbq to be had.

      1. re: mikeh

        Wow thanks. Good advice. Is that drive really three hours?

        1. re: mikeh

          I couldn't disagree more, one only need go through Richmond on their way to Hooville. Check out Buz & Ned's-- amazing ribs. I've also heard good things about Ronnie's Ribs, Wings, And Other Things.

          1. re: bbqme

            I'm sorry my one experience with Buz & Neds was not good. The ribs were not good and the hushpuppys were raw on the inside. It seemed more like a wannabee place with a lot of wannabee bikers parked outside. The detour adds more then 50 miles to your trip and more then 1/2 an hour.

            Looking at the map is there any place in oxford to stop before before taking US-15 north

            1. re: chazzer

              It may look like a bit of a detour but it's all on the interstate so you can go much faster. I've eaten the ribs at B&N's twice and it was great both times so I guess one has to just try it for himself and decide. I think the larger point being there is good bbq to be had in Richmond.

              1. re: chazzer

                I wouldn't take either of these routes to get from Durham to Charlottesville. I would take US 70 bypass west to Hillsborough, and then Hwy 86 up to Danville, and then Hwy 29 from Danville all the way to Charlottesville. Hwy 29 is a freeway most of the way through Virginia. It's the fastest and least congested route. It's basically 45 minutes to Danville, 1 more hour to Lynchburg, and 1 more hour to Charlottesville.

                I don't think any of the BBQ in Richmond is worth the detour. If you were already in Richmond, that's one thing, but it adds significant mileage to the drive (100 miles roundtrip = 4 gallons of gas).

                In fact, the best BBQ in that part of Virginia is just outside of Charlottesville in the town of Gordonsville called "The Barbecue Exchange"


        2. why not go to thai siam takeout, about 40 minutes south of charlottesville?

          ps. CALL ahead, even if you are dining in. we got the momma bear treatment from the owner because we didn't call ahead. it was an odd first impression. the food was excellent, though.

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          1. re: cervisiam

            If your heart is set on BBQ, you could stop at the Silver Pig in Madison Heights just north of Lynchburg. Otherwise, if you are just interested in Chow worthy food, I agree with cervisian about stopping at Thai Siam.
            Another BBQ option in Lynchburg is stopping at Bedford Avenue Meats to pick up either BBQ or ribs which they smoke on site. The food is very good, but the only problem is that you would definitely need to call ahead to reserve.