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Mar 9, 2012 03:49 PM

Recommend me a good pasta strainer pot please?

I am looking to buy a Pasta cooking pot with a strainer insert. I am thinking of something that I can use not just for pasta but also for vegetables and rice. So the holes on the strainer insert would need to be small enough to be able to strain rice.

Price-wise I am looking at something average, nothing cheap but nothing too expensive (like LeCreuset or Alessi) either.

PS: I live in the UK but most brands seem to be universal nowadays so please fire away.

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  1. Hi iliria,

    All Clad makes a mesh insert now, which should work for rice especially. It is a bit pricey, though.

    See here:

    This might do the trick. Good luck in your search!

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    1. re: breadchick

      Hi breadchick

      Thank you for the link. It seems that the mesh version has been discontinued and replaced with a much better and sturdier insert. Very lovely indeed and would do the job perfectly but as you said a bit on the pricey side. I don't think my misses would appreciate me spending £110 on a pasta pot. :)

      1. re: iliria

        Oh, yikes. My apologies. This was a rather new-ish product, so I never really looked to see that it was discontinued. Apparently, not a popular item, so good news.

    2. I have the All-Clad 12 quart "multi-pot" with the fine mesh screen pasta insert. That fine mesh screen works very well with pasta but, boy is it a pain to clean with almost anything else. That fine mesh screen really catches crawdad (crayfish) claws, "silk" from corn on the cob, etc.

      Someone want to trade a gently used fine mesh screen for the newer "heavy duty" pasta insert? :-)

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      1. re: Sid Post

        Someone want to trade a gently used fine mesh screen for the newer "heavy duty" pasta insert? :-)
        My husband would!

        I do all the cooking yet he rioted for the heavy duty insert, he thought it was just the neatest thing ever.

        I hate it. It takes up too much room in the pot. I can't cook pasta for my family using the insert, the water boils over. It is also harder to wash than a regular strainer.

        Then the husband saw the mesh one in the WS catalog and was all "hey, now this is what you need......"

      2. I just got this one as a 5-year thank you from my company:

        Here is a smaller and cheaper version that would also fit the bill:

        This looks like the bigger one for a good price:

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        1. re: ocshooter

          Thank you for the links but unfortunately I live in the UK and All Clad here costs double (actually almost triple) the price of the US.

          I have done a bit of research and there seems to be a decent one that bears the name of MasterChef, sold by John Lewis. So I'll be going to one of their stores in the next few days to have a proper look and might go for that one.

          PS: I quite like the ones made by Alessi and Le Creuset but don't see the point of paying that much for pan with a colander insert basically.

          1. re: iliria

            I don't know if you have the Tramontina brand there, but they have a nice pasta pot with a locking lid, but this 8 quart is my favorite.


            1. re: iliria

              How much is shipping from Amazon to the UK, or will they just not do it. It seems that the cost of the shipping should not be close to $0 bucks.

              One think I learned in looking at the pots is to consider the grade of stainless steel. 18/0, used on a lot of inexpensive pots, it subject to rust since it does not contain any nickle.

              Here is a smaller set without the secont steamer insert, but at least it it not too dear from the Amazon UK site:

              Here is yet another option, though I don't know the quality, and it is a bit small:

          2. I too have been looking for a pasta pot with smaller holes that would not let angel hair pass through. I had the chance 2 weeks ago to look at the new AC with the small perforations. The perforated portion appeared to be spot welded to the strainer rim, or maybe it was just reinforcement. The holes along the side were small but somewhat larger on the bottom and I would think some rice would get through. Overall, I thought it was rather average. It is tinny sounding like many imported pasta pots with a clad bottom. The basket portion was no more substantial than my Cuisinart. It was expensive for an import and I passed.

            1. I have this pot:

              It has the pasta insert and a steamer insert. It's pretty heavy duty. Solid lid, which I don't like, but otherwise it's been great for me. I needed a cheaper version too, and this is what I went with.