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Mar 9, 2012 02:28 PM

Your ideal burger?

With all the burger talk on these boards I just thought I'd see what you fellow chowhounders would want your dream burger to look like? Kill a bit of time at work perhaps? I'll start...

Patty: A fresh ground mixture of dry aged shortrib/brisket/ribeye or chuck....barely worked at all. Smash-style searing on a flat top griddle for a great crust and tons of salt and pepper

Bun: A freshly baked, barely-sweet brioche style

Toppings: A) Crisp bacon, 1 of: sharp aged cheddar/ Roquefort/ American cheese (not ashamed lol), iceburg lettuce, pickles, caramelized or diced raw white onions
B)Roasted and skinned poblano peppers and a really good melting cheese like Oaxaca, and crispy fried onions

Sauce: I'm a mustard and mayo guy(garlic aioli even better) but I'm getting into making my own In-and-out style signature sauce with a few tweaks such as added spiciness

I think that's it! Dang, this ridiculous fantasizing has made me hungry. I'm gonna have to hit the store to make a version of option B before the game tonight. Wish there was a place to get high quality, soft hamburger buns around here...

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  1. Patty: exactly what you said. SEAR SEAR CRUST! Yum
    Bun: Traditional - fresh white with sesame seeds
    Topping: Cheddar and fried mushrooms (hold the raw veggie)
    Sauce: mayo - lots!

    I did pick up some hamburger buns at Glamorgan Bakery. They were fresh and stood up to the burger and did become soggy. But they didn't have any sesame seeds. I liked that I am able to buy just a few. I don't make 12 burgers at once, so why should I have to buy 12 buns?

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      It can be fresh, it can be can be big or small....with or without cheese ......the very first burger of the backyard BBQ season.....over coals of course.

    2. The patty is the star. Freshly ground good meat with some fat in it. Cooked so that it is still rare and juicy inside. I like the idea of a brioche style bun. I like a tart home made mayonnaise, some Dijon, grilled onions, and my homemade chili sauce which is tomatoes, peppers onions, vinegar, brown sugar, cloves, ginger, allspice, and pepper. Sharp cheddar and/or thick pepper bacon optional.

      1. Tips for getting a good 'plank' but keeping the interior medium rare: Half an hour before frying put the fresh made burgers in the freezer. Remove when ready to fry them. Wipe them with a little balsamic vinegar. The balsamic will help form a good 'plank' and add a note of sweet. The reason to put them into the freezer is to keep the inside of the burger from over cooking while the outside is being fried. Of course a smoking hot griddle/grill/pan is essential.
        Try making 'bacon jam'. Finely chopped fried bacon added to caramelized red onions with balsamic vinegar all mixed together spread thickly on a soft bun with mixes salad greens.

        1. In-n-Out double double.

          Or Red Robins California Chicken burger ( I guess they renamed it a sandwich recently)

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          1. re: rasputina

            I second In N Out just get the double double animal style.

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              What was the previous name? Did that replace the whiskey River BBQ chicken burger?

            2. I like a chuck / sirloin mix.
              Salt and pepper only on the outside, just before grilling. I do prefer a live fire - coals or wood chunks to a pan sear. Rare to med rare at the most.
              Thin sliced red onion
              A real kaiser roll. Hollowed out top, if necessary. Mayo or dill pickle slices, if anything else.
              Cheese - no
              Lettuce- no
              ketchup / mustard? - no
              Pretty sure I'll be having a "for real" burger this week now.

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              1. re: gordeaux

                For something a little bit different, I BBQ frozen salmon burger patties I get from Costco, grill the bun outdoors, top it off with a good tarter sauce, lettuce and sometimes a slice of garden fresh tomato..