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Mar 9, 2012 01:49 PM

Top 10 Chili Dogs in LA

LA Weekly just put together their list of the top 10 Chili Dogs in LA. Did your favorite make their list? Carney's is the one missing for me. I do love that Cupid's made the list.

The LA Weekly List:
1 The bacon wrapped hot dog cart
2. Fab's Hot Dogs
3. Cupid's Hot Dogs
4. Vicious Dogs
6. Earlez
7 Jeff's Gourmet Sausages
8. Larry's Chili Dog
9. Let's Be Frank at Golden State

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  1. I love Fab's but found their CCD terrible (it's significantly better if you request the cheese BELOW the chili)

    Vicious was the worst CCD I've ever had.

    I don't understand the love for Tommy's CCD

    Oki Dog better than all three by a mile

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    1. re: ns1

      Yeah, Fab's CCD is straight up nasty. I did not care for Chroni's.

      I will take a chili cheese fire dog with pastrami at Marty's over any place in the OP.

    2. The should have included "The Wein Truck". It's a former incarnation of the infamous "Weiner Factory", including all the dogs formerly carried (and made exclusively for) Weiner Factory.

      Not to mention WF's chili, which is soooooo good. On par with Cupids', in my book.


      1. I think the chili dog at Slaw Dogs is underrated. Their chili is excellent, and, when made with a rippered natural casing dog, it's sublime. However, Slaw Dogs focuses on their more exotic (and, IMHO, underwhelming) combinations, and doesn't promote their nc chili dog, with the result that it doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

        EDIT: possibly the list is limited to places within the LA city limits. All of the entries are in LA proper. Still doesn't account for the omission of Carney's. Props for omitting Pinks, though!

        1. Actually, it's top-10 hot dogs, not chili dogs, as evidenced by #1.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            Well spotted. Here's the actual article:

            "10 Best Hot Dogs in Los Angeles"

          2. If someone wanted to make a small mint, they would open up a great hot dog place on the westside. Not a sausage place like Wurstk├╝che, but a real hot dog place.

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            1. re: yogachik

              A new hot dog place is about to open in Manhattan Beach called Hotdogger's in the site of the old Glacier Ice Cream on Sepulveda Blvd. Word is that they will be open till 3am. Here is a list of what they will be serving from their Facebook site: Hot Dogs, Grilled Dogs, Boiled Dogs, Fried Dogs, Frittered Dogs, Fillet'd Dogs, Lard Basted Dogs, Burger Dogs, Stuffed Dogs, Bacon Wrapped Dogs, Mild Dogs, Spicy Dogs, Chicken Dogs, Cajun Dogs, Exotic Dogs, Beach Dogs, California B-B-Q Dogs, Big Dogs, Little Dogs, In-Between Dogs, Hot Dog Soup, Kobe Dogs, Hot Dog Saimin. Should be open any day now.

              1. re: wienermobile

                Hey Weiner Mobile, are you involved with this venture? Full disclosure my friend?

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  Nope, it's just in my neighborhood and I do love hot dogs. I just hope it's good. That location seems cursed.

              2. re: yogachik

                No they wouldn't. I think that it's for the same reason DTF never opens on the Westside, rents are too high to make a buck. We do have two locations of "the Stand", Tubs chili has a snappy Sabrett's dog and decent chili though I hate their bun. and my current Fav dog is the Bird dog at Let's Be Frank and while they don't have chili they do have devil sauce which I think makes the whole thing work.