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Mar 9, 2012 01:37 PM

The wait at PARM for dinner?

Anyone have reports on the wait for an 8pm table for two?

Heading over this weekend, I'll let you know my experience.


248 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. Its always been an hour and half wait, so i've never dined there. Ive tried 4 times

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      thanks foodie, that's a big help. i'll try to go with that in mind

    2. I went at 11:00 on a Friday night. There was no line at all. Just me, the bartenders, and a couple filled tables.

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          I guess trying to go at 8 is too early.

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            We also walked by en route from Rubirosa to Forcella (around 4:00pm) and there was no wait on a Thursday. I think off hours are probably the best bet.


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              Just a heads up - off hours are NOT best. From 4-6 they only serve cold sandwiches and bar snacks at the (tiny) bar. Unless you want a cold cut sandwich to go don't swing by at five hoping to get something. We made this mistake and it burned me up; why have a website saying you're open Fri
              11-1 without mention that you basically stop serving for two hours. At 545 they take names for seating at six, but even with the time space they stagger those first tables so it's not fully seated until maybe 620 or 630 despite being totally packed up front. It's achieved take out only status in my mind. This afternoon debacle was after going at 7 on a Sunday and being quoted a wait of two and a half hours. And getting a two top at rubirosa without even a five minute wait.

        2. for anyone interested in the wait for dinner around dinner time (7-9pm) the hostess said two hours when i arrived at 6:50pm. when i confirmed she said, 'probably 2 or 2.5.' our party of four sat down at 9:40, 2 hours and 50 minutes later.

          the food is VERY tasty, but would not be particularly impressive if you came from an Itaian-American home where your Momma cooked every day. Like in my family, she routinely cooked 'very tasty/

          1. Two of us went in around 6:45 on a Friday night and waited about 30 minutes, which was what the hostess estimated. You can take off for an hour and come back and they'll hold your spot. To be honest, I don't think this place is worth the wait at all.

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              I'd wait no longer than 20 minutes - and that would just be for the ice cream pie which really is as good as the rumors (if you like Spumoni.)