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Ideas of restaurants/places to cater Passover dinner (not eat-in)

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  • pamd Mar 9, 2012 01:05 PM
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Does not have to be Kosher, just serve an appropriate menu for the holiday. We would preferably want the food delivered (Rockville/Bethesda area), but could possibly arrange pick up.
Any ideas welcome, thanks!

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  1. Shalom kosher and kosher mart are obvious choices
    Balduccis non kosher will have Passover menu
    Not sure if any of these places deliver but you can pick up

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      Brooklyn's Deli (Rockville/Potomac) and Uptown Deli (Bethesda) are other possibilities.

    2. You can definitely "rock it" at Wegmans!!!!!!!!!


      1. I would check with Wagshals in Spring Valley as well. I don't get down there any more but I know that they used to do a bang up pre-cooked holiday meals package at Thanksgiving.

        1. What about Parkway Deli? Haven't had their takeout, but the restaurant is good and it's the type of place you're looking for - Jewish style but not kosher.

          Here's a link to their Passover menu.