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Mar 9, 2012 12:45 PM

Via313 for Detroit Style Pizza

I read the thread on Detroit Style Pizza from November and saw the announcement of Via313. The website is awesome and I just read a Bostonian's blog who is in town for SXSW about this place. I have to go soon!

Has anyone been? Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

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  1. I've been a couple of times. Really great pizza. It's a square, deep dish pizza but a really light crust, not heavy. It's airy like focaccia bread. The cheese goes all the way to the edge of the pan so theres a brown edge of crispy cheese. The sauce also goes on top of the cheese. They're baked in square pans that were also used as auto parts pans in auto plants.

    1. Whoa, just looked at the site and it sounds awesome! Gotta try it. Thanks for turning me on to something new!

      1. I went once. I thought the pizza was great. Is it authentic Detroit style? Heck if know, i've never been to the motor city. It is different than the NY style like tres leches mentions.
        One thing that's kind of cool. You can sit outside at the violet crown social club next door and have a beer, and they'll deliver your pizza to you right there.

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          Deep dish is more of a Chicago thing. Being from Detroit myself, I'm a definite pizza snob, and CANNOT wait to try this place. I can't really say what "Detroit style" pizza is, but I know, that so far, not found in Austin. I'll try it out and have to report back

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            I'd guess that "Detroit style" might be like Buddy's pizza -- thick puffy dough (deep dish, but not at all like the awesome Chicago style deep dish, iYKWIM), crispy edges from lots of oil in the pan, minimal sauce, square or rectangular in shape.

            Honestly, Via313's claim of "Detroit Style Pizza" is the first time I've EVER heard that term. Detroit has no "style" to its pizza. Unless you consider "bad" or "Dominos" to be styles. ;)

            I think it's totally made up... would be like moving to Detroit and opening an "Austin Style Pizza" joint.

        2. Most around here won't have heard of them, but as a kid in the late 70's and early 80's in Indiana we had precisely that style of pizza at a chain called Noble Romans - they called it sicilian. Via's website states their 'roni go on the dough, then the cheese. The nice thing about that is the 'roni oil and flavor will permeate the dough akin to West Virginia pepperoni rolls (so so good, even gas stations sell 'em) and that ends up creating some type of chemical flavor synergy. 5/5 stars in over 30 reviews on Yelp is a pretty strong endorsement (even the yelp haters might be able to admit that). Pretty exciting.

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          1. re: slowcoooked

            Yeah, i can attest to that. I had pepperoni. The cheese was on top of it.

          2. as an avid reader of serious eat's slice columns, this seems to be a regional variant of the "bar style" pizza.
            and, it sounds delicious.
            i definitely need to try it.