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Mar 9, 2012 12:36 PM

Indian Restaurant Coming to Easthampton!

This will be interesting. A new Indian restaurant called "Glory of India" is opening up on Union Street in Easthampton. I've read that the owner(s) owned other restaurants in Lee and somewhere else in the Berkshires, but that they closed after 11 years. Makes me wonder why. Does anyone have any experience with the other restaurants? There was an article in the Gazette today and one thing that really turned me off was that they will have a "few" Italian dishes on the menu! What the heck is that all about?! I have my fingers crossed but my expectations are not very high.

At present, the only place I go for Indian food in the Valley is Pintu's. The two Indian places in N'hampton are very mediocre and after trying them a few times we finally just crossed them off our list altogether. Pintu's had some service issues initially but they seem to be running pretty smoothly now. As a matter of fact, the last few times we have been there, Pintu has been hosting, not cooking! The old crew left a lot to be desired, but this new crew of waitstaff is topnotch, and the food never disappoints me.

Glory of India is supposed to open in early April. Stay tuned!

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  1. I know, why would you have Italian items on the menu?? When I read that this morning, I couldn't believe it. I am hopeful that it will be good. I recently went to India house for the first time in about 9 years and was pleasantly surprised. My dining partner and I split chicken vindaloo and aloo gobi (i think) and both were good. The service, which used to be atrocious, was very good, although it felt like we had about 8 different people waiting on us. Keeping my fingers crossed for this new place.

    1. I think you will be happy. One of the backers owns Dino's Pizza (Yes Pizza) in Holyoke. There are a few threads about it around chowhound.

      Dino's serves an italian/pizza menu, but since Gurninder and his staff (who are indian) were cooking their traditional meals, they were convinced to offer some of that fare on the menu.
      Everything I have had at Dino's from the indian menu(Veggie section only) has been right on.. The nice part is S.O. who is not as big a fan of Northern Indian Cuisine can have a manicotti at the same time.
      The area needs a good Southern Indian Restaurant, but a good Northern one would be a welcome addition as I Agree the 2 in Northampton leave a lot to be desired. Pintu's never impressed me either (Probably the fact we felt it was a little overpriced) Our Goto for Indian is The Garden in Agwawm or Worcester/Shrewsbury for the Udupi !

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      1. re: belcherveggie

        This does sound promising. We now go to Pittsfield for Indian food.

        1. re: belcherveggie

          Oh! I think I know the place in Holyoke. We didn't have the pizza but we went there for the Indian food! It was surprisingly good. Not great, but good. Much better than the N'hampton places. I think Pintu's is right up there with many of the NY Indian restaurants. Chola is my favorite, but it's a lot more expensive than Pintu's, so it should be. I don't mind paying for quality, and I think Pintu's offers quality. We have eaten at The Garden and found it to be inconsistent. We liked it the first time and then subsequent visits were not so great.

          Well, that's great! Thank you, belcherveggie, for the info. I think the new place might be just right for Easthampton! Now I'm really looking forward to it.

          1. re: JunieB

            Junie your post is very timely for me! I just posted a review of Pintu's from our meal there tonight (under a new thread). I also rolled my eyes when I read that the new Indian restaurant in Ehampton would be offering Italian food as well, but the reasons behind this make some sense. Let's see how it gets sorted out after they open. They won the liquor license, so that will help them attract people willing to spend $$$ on a real night out rather than yet another take-out place. I would be thrilled to have a new go-to Indian place. I am sick of India Palace and its high prices, Pintu's wasn't cheap either and is a bit of a drive, and I rarely go to Amherst to eat (although I keep hearing that I need to go back to Chez Albert). I once had a choking fit in the Main Street Indian place in Hamp (does anyone actually eat there? I never see anyone in there when I walk by, and we speculate that it's some kind of front for another, not legal business!) and never wanted to eat there again.

            1. re: jzzy55

              That's so funny about the Indian on Main St. My husband and I went there about 10 years ago and when we walked in, the attitude was almost, "what are you doing here? you want us to serve you FOOD??" It was really weird. I think we were the only people in there for most of the dinner and have not returned. I wonder what it's a front for.....

        2. I have been eating Indian food for many many years in many different places including 6th St in NYC... I write this because I take offense to you comment that both Indian restaurants in Noho are "very mediocre" I find 9 out of 10 people don't even know India Palace. I have always had a great meal there... all dishes great, Great Chutneys.. very nice people. And you know I don't care that it often looks empty... That's because the local sheep think India House is the place to go... Now I can agree that they are very so so.. I do take my Indian food very seriously and here is a letter I recently shared on Facebook..

          Alexa Hente’s Indian cuisine tasting...
          Okay, I’ve been living in the valley for 20 years and have been discussing the battle of the local Indian restaurants all this time.
          My first taste of the local fair was at India House. That pretty little stand alone restaurant with all the decor.
          And then there is India Palace.. no house, no palace.. but what do they have to compete... tastier food !!
          So for some odd reason 9 out of 10 people I encounter prefer the House over the Palace. Have they ever tried India Palace ??
          Well I am a loyal India Palace patron and quite fond of the owner and staff over at the Palace.
          Last night I was taken out to dinner and agreed to go to the House. To be honest I was hoping that it would not hold up to the Palace but I love Indian food and was open minded to judge it fairly. The atmosphere was nice, the staff was friendly but that’s not what we are there for. The samosas came out.. very tasty but where are the chutneys ?? It came will a small amount of the mint chutney and the mango.. Not all that interesting. For those of you who swear by the House, head on over to the Palace if anything for the chutneys, which would taste great on white bread... okay maybe that is a stretch.
          The samosa plates were cleared along with the little servings of bland chutney and the main course was served. Mine was a vegetable korma and my wife had shrimp and scallops in a coconut sauce.
          I’ll just cut to the quick here. If the korma at the palace is a 9.. the korma last night was a 5.. That’s all I’m going to say on that. My wife felt the same on her dish. Plus it costs considerably more. I would have been more than happy to have been wrong all these years about which is better.. well not really since I am a loyal Palace fan.. but the Palace prevailed and things are just the way I have always believed... So if you are an Indian food fan and think India House is the cats meow and never gave India Palace a chance.. YOU SHOULD !!!

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          1. re: Dwolf

            Lol, 6th St. Most of those places were Bangla, not Indian, and the food there was mediocre, at best. For the real deal, Queens was the place to be.

            1. re: homesick for food

              I can't respond to the Bangla comment because I don't know anything about that... but I did throw out 6th st as credentials.. but to be honest I always had a local place that I preferred. Now I did not get to experience 6th back in the day when people really loved it and paid $8 for a full meal.. My first taste was in Queens but I was 17, so not much of a memory from 32 years ago. Now I need some Naan and mint chutney !!!

              1. re: Dwolf


                Plus, you're referring to years ago, before you became the illustrious foodie you so clearly are today.

                AND you're even second-guessing your own comments.

                For serious, why does eating at a decent restaurant make you any more discerning? I could eat at French Laundry everyday if I lived nearby, but my tongue is still only partially connected.

                1. re: brokentelephone

                  That's because my credentials are written on NAAN.... the chosen bread. Maybe there was some second guessing when in came to NYC.. but when it comes to local.. no second guessing here.. It's India Palace !!!! I might even say the new place in Easthampton beats India House, but one visit to Glory of India is not enough to fully judge... Our service was not very good, but we will see how that works out

                  1. re: Dwolf

                    I've never had Indian in New England. I live in (old) England where the Indian food is the business. I'm in RI visiting my wife's family and I don't think there is an Indian place in the state worth trying.

                    1. re: Dwolf

                      Dwolf, did I miss a review of Glory of India? brokentelephone, I envy your access to great Indian cuisine in England.

              2. re: Dwolf

                Sorry you are offended, Dwolf. However, my opinion has not changed. I too have been eating (and cooking) Indian food for many many years, and also in NYC (my husband is from Manhattan). AND in Europe and from Indian friends' kitchens! I mention this because people on Chowhound have a habit of trying to prove their credentials, never mind that we often just have different tastes and different criteria for what makes something good or bad.

                After first moving here, having tried both Indian restaurants in N'hampton several times, my husband and I settled on India Palace (is that the one on Main St., I get the names confused) as the one we went to, but then we thought the quality of the food changed. We still tried it a couple more times but it never suited us again, so we stopped going.

                BTW - our favorite NYC Indian restaurant is nowhere near 6th street!

                1. re: JunieB

                  No need to apologize.. if that's your belief then that's your belief.. Palace is the one on Main Street.. Well I'm glad to hear at least you settled on the better one.. LOL Pintu is on my list to give a try.. The one in Springfield near the bus and train station always get high reviews but never cared much for them either.

                2. re: Dwolf

                  I totally agree. We always go to India Palace in preference to India House.
                  But lately we like Aroma in Pittsfield even better.

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    Ha! That means if we ever do make it back to India Palace, it's very possible you or Dwolf will be one of the 2 or 3 people we ever see in there. Thanks for the Pittsfield rec. We don't go that often but we were just over there last weekend and I was wishing I had brought my iPad so I could look on Chowhound for somewhere to eat!

                    1. re: JunieB

                      Junie, I often wonder how they stay open give the limited customers.
                      I think you will like Aroma , the biryani in particular is really good and they have goat.
                      We live in Cummington so Hamp and Pittsfield are equidistant.
                      Do you know about the Columbian resto La Fogata? If you are in the mood for meat it is fun.

                      1. re: magiesmom

                        Me too. We've often joked that it must be a front for something. I know very little about the Berkshires. We usually find ourselves driving there on a whim, so we never have a plan. Next time I will make sure we go with dining there in mind, so thanks for the recommendations. La Fogata sounds like a place I would like. I'll look online to see what they have. I'm not sure I've had Columbian food but I've had Brazilian and Peruvian and Argentenian, and I like them all.

                        1. re: JunieB

                          It is the kind of hole in the wall place one usually finds in larger more diverse cities so it is a treat in that way. Another tip: the Indian owners of the gas station+ general store on rt 9 in tiny Windsor make a mean mango lassi.

                          1. re: magiesmom

                            well, I just saw that Glory of India is advertising for waitstaff on craigslist, so that means they should be open soon. I hope they are going to have some good Indian vegetarian food.

                            1. re: faith

                              ok, saw the owner of Glory of India last week, he said the place would be open June 14th. So....someone please eat there and report back!

                  2. re: Dwolf

                    I've walked by India Palace multiple times a week for 5 years and I swear I've never seen anyone eating in there.

                    1. re: fame da lupo

                      We tried India Palace one time several years ago because we love Indian food. We were 2 of 4 people the entire time we were there. We didn't linger and it was empty when we left. It was so bad that we never went back. ( Tough in truth, the samosas were decent.) There are wonderful smells coming from India House in the afternoon, and that has made us want to give them another try. But we've been there 3 or even 4 times, and each time--ordering different things--we are struck by its mediocrity. Not awful, just really disappointingly mediocre, and certainly not worth the money. The sauces are one note, with no depths of flavor that all the different spices should bring together.
                      It's certainly true that tastes are different. And maybe our memories are imperfect and when we try to find the tastes that we think we remember, we will always be disappointed.
                      In my youth, I loved a midtown Indian restaurant in NYC called Tandoor that is long gone, while my husband swore by the ones on 6th St. But as a couple, we both agreed on the good taste of the the last Indian/Nepalese restaurant we thought highly of--Katmandu Kitchen in Davis CA. Before that, our favorite was in downtown Wiesbaden in Germany. Sad to say we have not found anything equivalent in MA.
                      I suppose I might be willing to give India Palace another try, given the more recent testimonial above.
                      Has anyone actually tried Glory of India?

                      1. re: Meijie

                        My husband and I ate at Glory of India. I think there's a review on Chowhound somewhere. My husband liked it; I thought it was just okay. We were there when they first opened and they had some bugs to work out with their service. I found it to be better than the two Northampton restaurants, but still lacking. I will try to get by there in the next couple of weeks and do a more thorough review.

                        If you haven't tried Pintu's in Springfield, I highly recommend it. I heard they are moving though. Not sure when or where to. Excellent food and nice atmosphere, at least in the old location.

                        1. re: Meijie

                          Yes Pintu is wonderful... but I think you should also give India Palace another shot.. Went to Glory of India twice.. it's not bad but why... when I have two much better options.

                          1. re: Meijie

                            Meijie, I think I used to eat at Tandoor too when I worked at Madison and 56th in the late 70s. If i'm remembering right, it was our go-to office restaurant for special occasions. They had lunch specials even I could afford on my $225/week salary. I recall gracious service, too.

                            1. re: jzzy55

                              Nice to find someone who also knew the restaurant so long ago! It was the first Indian restaurant that I really liked! Maybe made more special by the friends I went with--that's what I mean by imprecise memories. I do remember that the buffet lunches were spicier and saltier than their regular menu dishes. Was sad when I visited back in the 90's and they were gone. Restaurants definitely have a shelf life. Maybe it's as it should be--you must maintain, adapt or die among the stiff competition and/or changing tastes.