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Mar 9, 2012 12:27 PM

Edinburgh en of March!


I'm going to Edinburgh during the last weekend in March and wonder if you have any recommendations.

moderate to expensive places,

Nice pubs

Where to get a haggis

Any nice rock- or indieplaces?

The little special places that you do not get in the guidebooks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For the best in Edinburgh, use the search engine as there are lots of threads with recommendations of well-rated restaurants. This one is quite lengthy...

      My cousins who live there like Kitchin a lot among others.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        I just got back from Edinburgh and checked out all the starred gaffs with the exception of Number One.

        They're all very good, yet different. I enjoyed them all, though have to say Castle Terrace really was quite spectacular. It was awash with deep, clear flavours and a lot of technique. Plain to see how it knocked a star in off the bat. Recommended.

        1. re: marcus james

          For the best scone in Edinburgh go to Kilimanjaro on South Clerk Street - you will also get a good scone at their sister cafe, Wellington cafe on George Street.

          For some really delightful Scandinavian fare - cake/coffee/lunch try Peter's Yard at the quartermile development in the Meadows.

          You wont go wrong with any of the recommended high end restaurants. If you want something which is more moderately priced but really tasty then The Dogs (off George Street) is worth a shot, as is Sweet Melinda's in Marchmont (though not been there for ages so can't say if it is still as good)

          For a sandwich, I really want to try Oink, for pulled pork sandwiches - I have not been yet - shame on me... but it is supposed to be excellent. Think it might just be take out though.

          Do you want a haggis to take away, or somewhere that serves haggis? The Dogs, definitely serve haggis not tried it though but am sure it will be good. McSween's haggis is the 'gold standard' - personally, I also like Simon Howie's too.

          Pubs - the Sheep's Heid is Scotland's oldest pub - its a wee bit out the city centre, but you can get to it through Holyrood Park, which is worth a visit itself. I think the food there is critically acclaimed, and they also, randomly have skittles there... have only been a couple of times, but a few friends have been recently and they said it served great pub grub.

          The Cloisters is also a good pub serving real ale - can get busy at peak times though.

          Hope these suggestions are ones you may not find in the guide book!!

          Have a great trip

      2. You've pretty much covered off every possible type and price of food in your summary of what you're looking for so it's hard to give anything too specific. As Zuriga says, there are a fair few threads already so worth looking at those and using them to steer your query.

        When you refer to rock/Indie are you talking about music venues? If so there's very little in the way of food/music crossover.