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Mar 9, 2012 12:24 PM

Unusual SouthBay goodies for my Wicked Aunts Tour?

Every spring, my two WIcked Aunts and I go cruising on our birthdays for extraordinary goodies. This is the list I've compiled our SouthBay tour, and wondered if Chowhounds can add more suggestions for me (TIA):

Dead Elvis at Psycho Donuts (my 90-yr-old dad insisted on trying it, and it turned out to be our fave: PBJ, bacon, and bananas on a glazed donut).

Shaved Ice at Red Crane (hidden inside are ice cream and sweetened red beans).

Anything and everything at Icing on the Cake, Fleur de Cocoa, and Satura Cakes.

Caramelized pineapple cheesecake at Aqui.

Chocolate espresso brownies at Draegar's.

Korean donut at BeQue (but not always available; it's pan-fried dough with a sweet filling).

Blueberry chiffon cake at Paris Baguette.

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  1. Cannoli, ice cream and espressos at Romolo's.

    1. I love the idea of a Wicked Aunts tour! I have lots of little favorites around the area and will have to try yours.

      At the Korean Food court at 3561 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, Snowice, has huge bowls of shaved ice with gelato, fruit , nuts and syrups, We like the "Eat Your Greens" one that is dusted with Matcha powder.

      At Bitter+Sweet cafe in Cupertino on Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd they have a great affogato with many, many flavors of Humphrey Slocumbe ice cream available. In the same plaza, Kee Wah has baked roast pork buns with honey, in case you need a savory break.

      At Imhara Produce on Stevens Creek in Cupertino, you can get Shuei-do mochi/manju at the checkout counter, in case you don't make it to Japantown. The L'Epi D'or bakery a few doors down has great pineapple cakes -- squares of chewy filling covered by buttery cookie. They only have them occasionally, but if you are there anyway, it's worth it to check.

      I love Dolce Spazio in Los Gatos for Gelato and the German Chocolate Cake. They have other cakes that look good, but I can never bring myself to change from the German Chocolate.

      Kara's cupcakes in Santana Row and Palo Alto. I advise getting an assortment and then cutting them up so you can all get a taste of each flavor.

      In the grocery store category, Trader Joes has Almond Horns that come in a clear, brittle, square plastic container. They are sooo chewy and covered in almonds. Half of the horn is dipped in chocolate, but, and I rarely say this, the chocolate takes away from the lovely flavor. They also carry frozen chocolate croissants that you let defrost and rise overnight and then bake in the morning. Croissants are wonderful, hot from the oven while the dark chocolate is still melty.

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      1. re: Tumkers

        thanks, foodeye and tumkers - i'll definitely put your suggestions on the list. forgot to mention the bing cherry pie at olson 's cherry orchard and stan's glazed donuts.

        1. re: Claudette

          What about Pinkberry frozen yogurt (SJ); Sprinkles Cupcake in Palo Alto; Shuei-Do Manju Shop in SJ Japantown.

      2. mochicreams at Mitsuwa -- dozens of flavors. This is thin mochi with mostly cream type fillings. The chocolate banana is very popular.

        not sweet, but unusual: traditional Persian bread (sangak) at Yeganeh (made daily in the morning -- you can see their special oven and watch it coming out).

        Similar to Kee Wah, but not a chain and arguably even more unusual baked goods: Clover Bakery in the same plaza as Mitsuwa. E.g. buns with chow mein inside.

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        1. re: zartemis

          zartemis - I saw that they had spaghetti in buns, too, but wasn't sure Asian spaghetti was going to be my thing (my Chinese dad made us "spaghetti" when we were kids with ketchup and mayo - gross now, but we loved it then). Thanks for the tips, esp. the mochi!

        2. Vietnamese "che" at Thanh Son Hien Khanh (990 Story Rd). Also, across the street in the Grand Century Mall there's a store that sells all kinds of Asian-style dried fruit (salted plums, pickled mangoes, etc.).

          Hong-Van Bakery (2559 S King Rd Ste B11) has durian cream puffs.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Durian cream puffs?! That jumps to the top of the list! Thanks, Ruth.

            1. re: Claudette

              I stopped by Hong-Van a couple of weeks ago since it's near Hue. I went near closing time and durian was all they had left - one lonely, unloved tray of them, with the chocolate and vanilla puffs all sold out. A bit dry, since I gather the poor things had been sitting for a while, but no denying the durian filling! Best to go early, they open at 9am.


          2. Real Ice Cream in Sunnyvale. Indian ice cream in a bazilion flavors you've never heard of, great base.

            Fleur de Cacao - I see you've already got that on your list. I wonder if one can "pop into" manresa, now that they have a bar, and just get a desert?

            I'm wondering what your "South Bay" definition is: if it includes Palo Alto, then Cannoli at Renzo's. there are two handmade truffle shops within two blocks - Chocolatier (restaurant) and Monique's. Walk a little farther and you get to Coupa Cafe, with it's Cafe Maya hot chocolate and housemade / imported chocolates. None of these places alone would be worth the drive from the south bay, but as a 4-four, maybe even 5 if you throw in Valrhona Yogurt at Fraiche, it might be worth while.

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            1. re: bbulkow

              Thanks, bbulkow! Real Ice Cream and FdeC are already on our regular tour list, but the PA places sound promising (we had hit Shokolaat hard when it opened), especially since we'll comb the entire area for a progessive dessert tour. Manresa is a good suggestion, especially now that they've remodeled.