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Apr 11, 2002 01:29 AM

Giuseppe's, Pismo Beach

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Visited a friend in Atascadero this weekend, and had another fantastic meal at Giuseppe's in Pismo Beach. A smallish, bustling restaurant, it has never failed to please, and every recommendation I give to friends regarding Giuseppe's results in rave reviews.

I had a simple dinner - House salad, and handmade crab ravioli with asparagus and saffron cream sauce, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Good wine list, and a sufficient number of wines by the glass. Everything is reasonably priced. My friend had the Capellini alla Checca, and raved about how something so simple and seemingly boring could be so delicious.

All around, a great meal. I look forward to returning, as I would like to try the pizzas.

Giuseppe's Cucina Italiana
891 Price Street
Pismo Bch, CA


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  1. I've been to Giuseppe's and it is very good, but I prefer Rosa's,which is right down the street.
    Both are very good, Rosa's is just a little better in my opinion.

    1. Reviving this ancient thread rather than burying more Giuseppe's info in the Ventana Grill thread

      I went to Giuseppe's for dinner on Friday night after a tiring drive. Since I was alone I had no trouble finding a seat at the bar immediately. I ordered a kale spinach duck confit salad from the specials section of the menu. A generous dinner-size portion with lots of interesting texture (blackberries, walnuts & some other unknown crunchy ingredient) & good flavor. I would have been very satisfied with my meal even if some hospitable locals (hi, Heidi & Joe!) hadn't shared their wine with me :)

      Definitely do not waste your time with Ventana Grill (as I did on my last trip) when Giuseppe's is nearby. You can look at the ocean when you're not eating.

      1. Whenever we're driving up the coast we try to time things so we can have dinner at Giuseppe's. Have eaten there many times and it's always great. It's a winner!!

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          We spent two nights in Pismo last summer. Ate at Giuseppe's the first night, and liked it so much we went back the second night! Agree with all the previous comments - generous portions, good wine list, prices reasonable for the quality.