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Mar 9, 2012 10:52 AM

Keith Gilabert: Dan Tana's Offers Old Hollywood Charm and Great Food!

Dan Tana’s is a popular celebrity hangout that serves up one of my favorite steaks in LA, along with a great atmosphere and old Hollywood charm. I saw Paris Hilton (I would say she is more of socialite heiress than a celebrity though…) last year with her parents dining and she is actually prettier in person.

The service was good--very unique to the setting and refreshing in that sense! The appetizers we had were all great, but I think the veal a-la George Clooney was my absolute favorite dish of the evening. Portion was pretty large but delicious nonetheless! I passed up dessert since I was barely able to finish the entre, but my meal was great.

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    1. Absolutely love Dan Tanas. One of a kind. Chicken Beckerman is fantastic (order with dark meat). Steak and Peppers is another winner. Same with whitefish. Sit in the bar area which is where the action is. Love it.

      1. The food has gone way downhill since Danny sold. Almost inedible now, and incredibly expensive.

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          Disagree. The chef and menu are unchanged. Prices are up.

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          1. passing up the cappuccino ice cream was a mistake.

            i agree with bsw6490. you either get it or you don't. i like the place a lot. love everything about it. it's become the go to spot for a guy's night out with stiff drinks and lots of garlic.