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Mar 9, 2012 10:02 AM

Dinner recs in North UK/West Scotland

We're ending the day at Vindolanda, on Hadrian's Wall. We need to be at Dumfries at 11am the next morning. Where do you recommend we eat in that area?

I know its a wide mark, but we'll base our sleeping accommodations on where we have dinner (if that helps you make a recommendation).

We'll be in a car. We like a wide variety of food, fresh trumps processed, and we don't like 'innards' otherwise we're up for pretty much anything.

thanks muchly!
a Seattle CH

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  1. The Scotland boards can be quite slow, so I will try to help, even though I don't really know Dumfries. There used to be a restaurant called the Plumed Horse, which got excellent reviews. Don't know if it is still there - I think it might have relocated to Edinburgh....

    I don't know when you will finish the day on Hadrians Wall, or how far away from Dumfries you finish, but, Glasgow to Dumfries only takes about an hour and a half in the car - mostly motorway - if you were really struggling to find somewhere that might be a good bet.

    In Newton Stewart, quite close by, there is the Bladnoch inn, think there is a distillery associated with it too if that is your thing.... If I can think of anywhere else I will let you know.

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      thanks! I'll check these ideas out.

    2. The Borders is not prime gastro territory.

      However, assuming you have reasonably deep pockets, an overnight stay and dinner at Farlam Hall would be an excellent possibility. This is a classic British country house hotel with food and service to match.

      My review from last summer -

      And their website -

      Driving time to Dumfries is about an hour.

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        wow -- just a bit more expensive than we're hoping for (300 pounds for dinner and a room for two) but thank you!

      2. A visitor who has heard of Vindolanda! Most British people haven't heard of it. It's fantastic.

        There is a pub in the Good Pub Guide a ten minute or so drive from the site, it overlooks the wall including a walking section and does a good lunch.

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