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Mar 9, 2012 09:20 AM

Wearever Modern Method

I am an enormous fan of Wearever Modern Method cookware. The aluminum stuff with the stainless steel liner. I know it was in production into the early '70s but I would like to know when production ceased. I was told that it was designed by Harley Earl, the first Vice President of Design at GM. Can anyone confirm or deny that. There used to be a fellow in Ohio who went by the d/b/a of "The Everyday Gourmet" who would repair and sometimes be able to replace Modern Method pieces, does anyone know if he is still around. Lastly, does anyone ever see pieces for sale. I could use the largest sauce pan. Thanks.

Edit, maybe I should specify that Modern Method is the series with the straight sides that taper inward toward the top, has round knobs with a starburst pattern in the tops, and has small metal hanging loops at the ends of the handles.

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  1. Hi, Saguro:

    Try the eBay seller randy_goodguy. He has several sets up right now.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I searched eBay for randy_goodguy and wearever modern method and came up with 0. What did you use for a search to find the sets?

        1. re: kaleokahu

          Holy Smokes $521, 15 bids and still rising. I need to call my insurance agent and get a rider. I had no idea.

          1. re: Saguaro

            Hi, Saguaro:

            Yes, that is a lot for this kind of thing, but apparently these are NIB sets. And it is a lot cheaper than some sets.

            If the seller has more, s/he may be willing to part you out the large saucepan, or at least know the answers to your OP questions. Personally, I hate it when vintage pans of a set are broken up, but sellers usually make more doing it that way. I hope this person has the info you want.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              They are listed as "USED." My experience with Ebay is not positive and so I have not used it in years. I need to find my data or reregister to contact the vendor. But I would really like to have a 4.5 qt saucepan which isn't part of the set being offered. The only way I know it exists is because it is mentioned in the cookbook. We have added to our set over the years. It is truly gorgeous mid century design. I am always surprised it does't have more of a following. Maybe because the aluminum doesn't age well.

    2. I had a call from Ron Raska, "the everyday gourmet" this evening with a 4.5 qt saucepan for sale. So he is still around and there are still pieces available. The stuff is the best mid-century design. I think I now have a complete set.

      1. Hi Saguaro looking for handles for my set I bought it in the early 60's still use them look like new.