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Mar 9, 2012 09:00 AM

Nice Neighborhood Italian - Cafe Bella Roma SPQR

Despite reading other posts about this little cafe on Roberston south of Pico we had never been. But last night because we were out doing a delivery for my wife's business we stopped in for dinner. The very nice owner (at least I took him to be the owner) took our order and my spaghetti and meatballs was an ample portion for a fair price.

First of all they know how to cook pasta to a true al dente level of doneness. I have read that all their pasta is made in house. I can believe it based on my spaghetti noodles. Very nice sauce (neither too sour or too sweet) and 3 medium sized meatballs with good texture and flavor. We split their antipasto platter. I might skip that the next time. They have really good bread that comes nice and warm which is served with a black olive tappanade, oil and basalmic vinegar and butter if you ask for it. Despite being pretty much slammed with diners they did a nice job of getting our order and getting it out in a very reasonable time.

While they have no wine or beer of their own (at least I think that's true since I saw no wine list) they do allow byob and charge a $4 byob fee.

We did have to sit inside. This is not the optimal place to sit as the outside patio is much nicer, but full up. I can see that this is a charming little local place to sit outside, eat pasta and drink some nice wine. I would go again.

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  1. Was just here last night. Extremely good pasta, as you say, cooked perfectly al dente. Their house special bucatini all'amatriciana was spectacular.

    It's worth noting that they're closing at the end of this week and moving to an as yet to be determined location, so I'd advise anyone who was on the fence to get over there and try the pasta right away.

    Mr Taster

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      Breaking news: Bella Roma is back, right next door ( where kosher Nana used to be ), Robertson & Cashio. Here's the email I got from Lisa today:

      Dear Friends!

      We've missed everyone and all the news of the neighborhood. We've missed your graduations, new births, maybe even some wedding engagements...and we can't wait to see your faces and catch up! So:

      Cafe Bella Roma is returning as TRATTORIA BELLA ROMA!

      We will be opening soon (maybe even this week!) ---->>Stay tuned on Facebook for our opening announcements.<<<---

      New address is: 1509 S. Robertson Blvd. (Right next door to the old place!).

      It won't be as "quaint" as the old place---certainly we miss the charm of it, too. But we are happy that we can offer more seating, free parking and wine & beer! Those are all big pluses in our book. AND!!!! We have a cool pizza oven! Roberto has been throwing pizza for weeks now (he's so cute) and he's very excited. Did you know he was a real pizzaiolo in both Rome & Munich for a few years??

      The menu is basically the same: a few new additions, a few eliminations (we're not doing breakfast right now, but we'll be doing that later). And we have added new staff to the family who are all eager to meet you.

      We would just like to thank you personally for all the of the wonderful phone calls and emails these last few months, and especially for the encouraging words during these last weeks of renovation. We're all very happy to get back to work and to see our super cool customers again.

      Stay vediamo presto!

      Lisa & Roberto (& Francesca) Amico

      P.S. our phone number will be the same (310)-277-7662, but it's currently not working (one of our many delays). We will also be getting a shiny new website up and running soon. Facebook is the best way to stay current with us, but just shoot me an email if you prefer a personal email. As always, we don't sell your info to anyone. If you want to be taken off this list, kindly send me a request to do so. Bacione!