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Mar 9, 2012 08:48 AM

Sushi PB/LJ

We love Sushi Ota but you can't hope to get a table, let alone a seat at the Sushi Bar, on a weekend evening without major advance reservations. We lazily forgot to do this and lazily don't feel like driving too far from home but are spoiled by their excellent sushi. We've been to Toshi San but it's been looking deserted lately and it's not a really warm atmosphere. Used to be regulars at Mister Sushi in PB as our go-to decent local place but the service has really fallen off and we've gotten some very mediocre sushi from chefs who know us and should have steered us to other items.
So......anything decent in that PB/LJ radius?

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  1. Haven't been to Zenbu in La Jolla in awhile..
    They have a daily happy hour 5-6pm..

    1. Shirahama on Convoy, aka the Sushi Nazi. A tad outside the PB/LJ radius, but closer than Kaito.

      I haven't sat at the sushi bar at Izakaya Sakura, but have had their chirashi bowl and sashimi many times, consistently pretty good. I think the only thing that was "off" was an uni, over a year ago, which might have been b/c I went on a Sunday night.

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        Shirahama is great for real old school Japanese - both in the dishes and customers. Some different Japanese local fish. But do not request a spicy tuna and cream cheese roll.

        I've been at Sakura's bar many times, and generally the fish is good. Odd that the uni was off once b/c that's usually excellent there. The abalone served is sometimes too hard for me to chew, but otherwise I think he does well. Sakura also has a range of excellent non-sushi small plates. And Kazu also will/can mix in cooked dishes if you do omakase.

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          yeah, I was surprised that the uni was off. I recall a stronger than usual umami-bordering on fishy taste. I've had it many times before (and after) and it's been fine.

          1. re: daantaat

            No cream cheese or spicy tuna on our list! We ended up trying Mori Sushi at LJ shores. It was really pretty good. Not Ota but not like Mister Sushi has become. Got a seat at the bar and our chef was great and very sweet. Tried a bunch of stuff that we judge these places on: ahi, hamachi, uni, tako, saba. Nice portion size and many came with a bonus of a small sashimi with it. My better half got a rainbow roll w shrimp tempura ....I know but at least no cream cheese!...and it was quite good. Uni was delicious. The only thing i didnt like was instead of wasabi under the fish, they put some kind of wasabi mix on top of the fish that sort of looked like minced jalapenos but tasted like wasabi. It sort of visually disturbed me...whatever. So I will come again when I dont predict over a week in advance I'd like to go to the sushi bar at Ota. By the way, how far in advance do you need reservs for the weekend at Kaito?

            Mister Sushi
            1535 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

            1. re: keena

              I've gotten reservations 5-7 days ahead. It depends what time you want to be seated. Beware though, they don't rush people out of there, so sometimes I've had a 6:30 pm reservation and didn't get seated until 7. It works both ways, so you know you won't get rushed out of there either!

              I did notice when the economy tanked, it was easier to get seated at/near your reservation time.

      2. I haven't been there myself yet, but I've heard some pretty good things about Yaro - a little bit out of the way but much less expensive.