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Mar 9, 2012 08:40 AM

Anyone ever had brunch at Rumi?

Was wondering how it is?

Thinking of going Sunday for the Mediterranean plate: Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, black olives, mint, jam and naan, served with black tea. Plus some mezes with tahinis and binta to share with a friend. Was also wondering how the omelettes and tagines are?

Worth a venture out for Sunday brunch?

Also, I've surprisingly never been to Byblos but have heard both good and terrible feedback. Is it worth trying?

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  1. Yes, I've had the brunch at Rumi. Always in the summer for their terrasse, but the food was very good. An original brunch of course, but good. We had some of the plates, but not the omelettes.

    Byblos I very good for brunch. Their feta omelette is to die for, and I like their sweet breads and original jams. The two negatives comments I hear about byblos is 1) dinner are not as good as the brunches, pretty average, depending in what you have (but price is fair) 2) bad service, from the older lady that seems to run the place (or at least manage the floor). All the younger girls working there are always nice, but that older lady can be very abrupt. But that feta omelette...hummm, so light.

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      Thanks! Did you prefer Rumi or Byblos for brunch?

      I love Rumi's patio in summertime but find the food so-so; I've had great plates in the past and some that really didn't work so much. How's the ambiance at Byblos?


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        I've only had good brunch experiences at Byblos - friendly service, delicious and unique food. My fave is the fluffy rosewater omelette - sounds weird and I generally don't even like rosewater much, but it's delicious. And the homemade orange-blossom jam is worth the trip by itself. Atmosphere is bright and cheery, large bright paintings and fabrics on the wall. Of course when it gets crowded it's a little more of a bustling feel, but I still enjoy it. Go on the earlier side if you don't want to wait in line.

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          Thanks, will finally give it a shot this Sunday!

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            p.s. you can see a few pics of the place on their newish website: