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Mar 9, 2012 08:18 AM

Klein's in Belmar AND Colts Neck Inn- Need options on BRUNCH and PRIVATE PARTIES, please!


I have followed you guys for a while and love all of your suggestions - this is the first time I am posting a question. I am helping to plan a baby shower for 50-60 people in the Monmouth County area but have struggled to find reasonably priced options. We found that Klein's Sunday Brunch and Colts Neck Inn's private party brunch were both well-priced, well-stocked options. Does anyone have any opinions on these two regarding their brunches or private parties? I have read some not-so-good comments regarding Colts Neck Inn, so I am hesitant to book them.

Also, since we are on the topic, if you can think of any other places for us to consider, I'd appreciate the recommendations. We are looking for a weekend day in late June, so there must be ample parking and again seating for 55-60. "Reasonable" to us is up to $28pp, inclusive of soft drinks.

Thank you!

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  1. My wife's family had a 90th birthday party at Branches in West Long Branch a couple of years ago that was nice enough (certainly in line with what you're considering). I don't know with any certainty, but my best guess is you can do something there for around $30/person. There's a very nice outdoor courtyard there too and ample parking.

    1. The Mill Inn in Spring Lake Hgts./Wall has a very nice Sunday Buffet Brunch for about $25 per adult. Pretty place with parking....

      1. I have been to the Salt Creek Grill in Rumson many times for brunch. It is very good and I know that they can accommadate private parties.

        A word of caution if you do go - the bridge across the river is closed and the access road has a bridge closed sign blocking it. You can go around the sign but don't go over the bridge!

        1. Avoid Colts Neck Inn. When we had a supposedly "fancy" event there, the passed appetizers resembled microwaveable food from the freezer section in wegmans (and we were pretty sure they actually served pizza bagels straight from box

          1. We've been to weddings and many charity functions at the Crystal Point in Point Pleasant.
            Excellent food and service. It may be worth giving them a call.