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Mar 9, 2012 07:33 AM

New to Pleasantville / Thornwood - Recs please!

Hi, I'm new to the Pleasantville/Thornwood area. I'm wondering what restaurants are worth trying with and without the kids? (Also looking for take-out recs which is often easier since we have a baby.)

I've had takeout from Lucky Buddha several times and have been very happy with the food (sushi and soups). Price was a bit high though. I tried takeout from O'Asian a few times and it was terrible so they are off our list.

For Italian, I thought A'Mangiare was very good.

What are your go-to places? We like all types of cuisine.


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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood!! For places to try with the kids: On Wheeler Ave in Pville there's Pony Express -- burgers, fries, chili and other good stuff.Small inside, but they have tables just outside and the little one can watch the train go by. My little guys love it. For pizza, we like Jerry's on Bedford Rd. (very kid-friendly and the slices are big and very good) and Lucio's on Washington Ave.

    More go-to places for us: Magic Wok for Chinese & Bollywood Bistro (Indian) on Wheeler (Pville), D Thai Kitchen for Thai (Thornwood), Mythos (Greek) in Thornwood is good, but we like Lefteris in Mt. Kisco a bit more. There's also a good take-out place for Indian/Pakastani food in Thornwood called Khan's, but the storefront on Commerce St. says "Westchester Groceries". Also - Sr. S and I love the Thornwood Ale House for date night. When I think of more, I will definitely post. :o)

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      Another vote for Pony Express, Thai Kitchen, and Mythos. We prefer Little Kabab Station in Mt Kisco for Indian (and their nearby shop for lassi), and the frozen yogurt at Frannies Sweets Shop. (Though Pville is about to have two yogurt shops of its own!) We recently discovered Good Food in Briarcliff (really nice food and crepes and Jane's ice cream). Sundance Deli on Wheeler makes great sandwiches and their steamtable stuff can be good, too. Go to A + S in Thornwood for Italian prepared foods and cold cuts. And Black Cow for coffee, of course.

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        Yes! +1 on Little Kabab Station. Great food. I didn't know Pville is going to have 2 yogurt shops! Where and when? :o)

        1. re: Sra. Swanky

          One will be right across from the Jacob Burns Film Center---great location:

          The other is in the new A Mangiare space on Marble Ave across from the fields.

      2. re: Sra. Swanky

        We live further south but when we are in the area seeing a movie at Jacob Burns, we really like to eat at Bollywood Bistro. Very good Indian food.

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          Thanks!!! These are now on my list to try soon. This week, I actually passed by Westchester Grocery and went inside to see if they carried paneer. I ended up with paneer and takeout lunch that day. Not at all like the selection at the 2 Indian/Pakistani markets we had in Stamford but a good find!

          Also, I went to McArthur's Grill tonight with the girls before a movie at Jacob Burns Center and thought it was very good with a great sounding menu for a bar!

          Hopefully that yogurt shop opens in time for the summer!

          1. re: Sra. Swanky

            Another vote for Pony Express. We love the pulled pork sandwich they serve as well as the ample salad they serve if you dont want fries.

            1. re: Sra. Swanky

              Pony Express is good upscale fast food.

              Jerry's pizza is awful, Lucio's is decent. A Mangiare also has good pizza in addition to their Italian dishes.

              Sundance is good low end deli / Mexican food. Frank & Joe's is a passable Italian deli, A&S in Thornwood is the best in the area (I like Dante's in Hartsdale slightly better but in addition to being a trip to get there, they have a tiny food prep area so the lunchtime lines are a nightmare).

              Bollywood Bistro is good Indian, but I tend to prefer Mughal Palace in Valhalla who will give you ~50% more food (of equivalent quality) for the same price.

              Magic Wok - have tried it repeatedly, never got the attraction. I prefer Hunan Garden in Briarcliff for my low end Chinese, and if you want something slightly fancier, David Chen's in Armonk will deliver to Pleasantville.

              Best Mexican in the area is Los Abuelos in Ossining, although it's pretty cramped inside. I've only done takeout. Don't waste your time with anything else in the area, unless what you really want is Tex-Mex.

              McArthurs is... convenient. If you just want a burger, you're better off going to Squires in Briarcliff.

              Jean Jacques's pastries look good but only taste passable. Your best option for pastries/cakes/cookies is La Tulipe in Mt Kisco. Jean Jacques's prepared foods are OK - the best thing about it is that they have takeout foods that you're not going to get anywhere else - if it's 9:30 at night and you want salmon en croute or beef bourguignon, they're the only game in town. What's frustrating is that the staff there seems to have been parachuted in only moments before you've arrived, with no time for training or any other sort of preparation. You could literally put anyone off the street, even a non-English speaker, behind the counter, and they would be as knowledgeable and efficient. For high end takeout, Good Food Briarcliff is fresher, superior stuff but with a smaller selection.

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                I agree with much of what you say (and love your name, anonymouscoward), but suggest you try Pleasantville Pizza. I never got the appeal of Lucio's--it's inconsistent and often too gloppy for me. For Chinese, we have been disappointed by Magic Wok and the places in Thornwood too many times, though we haven't tried the place in Briarcliff that you recommend. We tend to go to Bao's in White Plains. It varies between OK and very good.

                1. re: spa

                  I'll have to give Pleasantville Pizzeria another shot, although I'm suspicious of pizzerias that serve gyros - it smacks of mission creep. To be clear on Lucio's, I'm not a huge fan of their plain pizzas, but their stuffed meat and eggplant parm slices are nice indulgences.

                  Never been to Bao's, but if you're willing to go that far, try Temptation Tea House in Mt Kisco. Technically it is Asian not Chinese, so they have a bunch of Thai, Japanese etc. dishes on the menu, but what Chinese stuff they have on the menu is pretty good, although quite a bit pricier than your standard takeout Chinese.

                2. re: anonymouscoward2

                  Is that Empanada place in Briarcliff still open? It was pretty damn good when it was Med Empanada (the owner sadly died).

                  1. re: LorenV

                    It closed. People have said good things about its (non-empanada) replacement.

                    1. re: Elisa515

                      The new place is Good Food (and it -is- good).

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                    +1 on Squires, Los Abuelos, and La Tulipe (which has great gelato in the summer months - fun for the little ones) -- just go early when you want the best shot at all of their baked goods. They sell out quickly.

                3. Flour + Sun Bakery is a must visit as well. Cupcakes and other goodies. We still drive about an hour one way to visit because their cupcakes are THAT good.

                  +1 on Sundance Deli. Especially when they have chorizo for egg sandwiches in the AM.

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                  1. re: LorenV

                    also for Pastries Jean Jacque is excellent.

                    1. re: apples

                      I'm not crazy about Jean-Jacques (I find it over-priced, under-delicious, and some of the people are mean!). But definitely thumbs up on Flour + Sun!

                      1. re: apples

                        Great suggestion! Jean-Jacques is also great for meals, and take out from there (and Pony Express) are terrific for taking to the JBFC.

                      2. re: LorenV

                        I was not impressed with Flour + Sun. Their cupcakes were small and not very interesting.

                      3. I've gotten pizza at Sal's on Marble Avenue (across from McDonalds) a few times and it has been very good. I had from Jerry's one time when they had a Groupon and I thought it was good but I guess not everyone agrees. Sal's has coupons available, be sure to Google them.

                        I also had take-out from D Thai Kitchen in Thornwood once and it was good. I've been meaning to try Lucky Budha.

                        1. Yama Sushi in Briarcliff is good, as is Ossining Pizzeria(also has great gelato). In the acradia shopping ceter in Ossining, there is a hibachi restaurant which is good too. We also like the Patio in Briarcliff for Breakfast.

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                            That would be Okinawa in Ossining. Yama is very good for sushi.

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