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Mar 9, 2012 07:00 AM

Drinking advice for upscale unstuffy food- drink-fest

Hi all. Elyssa recommended PS7 for our night and it looks like it fits the bill perfectly. Now I'm thinking after-dinner drinks.- what would be the nicest speakeasy-type bar to hang in? It's going to be a Saturday night, so I understand about the crowd factor, Nicest place to get something better than a rail drink?

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  1. Oh, I already checked the Columbia room and they're booked for March 24, which is our night.

    1. Not a speakeasy but if you are looking for a classier bar (and don't want to stay at PS7) in that neighborhood I would head over to Poste, Proof, or Coco Sala for cocktails.

      1. I love The Gibson at 14th and U, but you'd need to take a cab there from PS7.

        1. I haven't been yet, but Sixth Engine looks quite promising: