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Mar 9, 2012 07:00 AM

Nearest Thai Markets to Suffolk County?

Looking for galangal (fresh), lime leaves, dried shrimp, without making the trip to either the 2 stores in NYC Chinatown or the little place opposite the Queens Sripraphai. Anything open up that I'm not aware of?

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  1. There's an Asian Grocery in Ronkonkoma that says they carry Thai items. I haven't had the opportunity to check them out yet. It's Asian One Best Market 1021 Portion Road Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 you could call and ask (631) 732-7336. Whole foods market in Lake Grove sometimes carries these items. If you find a good supplier I'd love to know!

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      Interesting; and a Filipino menu, to boot.

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        Love how almost all of the vegetable dishes come with pork and/or shrimp. :)

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        Went to the Ronkokoma Asian Grocery. It's very tiny, but does have the basics (dried shrimp, for example). Not much in the way of fresh ingredients.

        Worth the trip if for nothing more than the really cool little Filipino restaurant it doubles as. Only about 8 tables. Full of Filipino ladies eating and gossiping, when I went on Sunday. Lumpia was excellent, as was a dish of green beans and pumpkin in coconut sauce. Tables around us were all picking at whole fish, either fried or grilled.

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          Glad you were able to check it out, find some of what you needed and have a good meal. Thanks for letting me know!

      3. There is vacuum packed frozen galangal in V&T supermarket in Hempstead. Lemongrass is I think $2.99 a pound. Not too much more fresh Thai (lots of jarred products though). The Patel Brothers supermarket in Hickville often carries little Thai eggplants now too.

        1. Oriental Groceries located on Nesconset Highway (RTE 347) in Stony Brook between Nichols Rd and Stony Brook Rd (north side of highway) has the largest selection of asian foods anywhere east of V&T on the island. They cater to the the masses attending Stony Brook U so they have a very large selection. All of the items that you mentioned are available there. I generally purchase my Thai curry pastes there for a reasonable price

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            Thanks, that's my go-to store out east, but they don't always have fresh lime leaves or fresh galangal. And no Thai preserved radish, unless I just misse it. Just so happens when I went 2 weeks ago, they had A LOT of fresh green papaya, so my som tam came out great.

            Best part about Oriental Groceries is that they truck in a boatload of dim sum and roast meats from Flushing every Saturday morning. Though it seems everyone knows about it; the place is jammed with Stony Brook students.