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Mar 9, 2012 06:17 AM

Raspberries, Lemonheads and Twinkies Challenge

Hi all! My sister's office is hosting a "CHOPPED" themed food day. Each employee drew ingredients and my sister was lucky enough to get raspberries, lemonhead candy and twinkies. They are going by the rule of the TV show, so she can use a little, or a lot, but must include each ingredient in her dish.

Anyone have any suggestions for her?

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  1. Maybe a trifle, deconstructing the twinkies and making a sauce out of the lemonheads. Or incorporate them into an Italian style baked bread pudding with raspberry lemon sauce...why not post on Home Cooking for more ideas?

    1. Similar to the trifle, a lemon tiramisu. Slice the twinkles in half lengthwise, and use like lady fingers. Make a syrup out of lemon heads. Brush the twinkles with lemon head syrup, layer with lemon scented mascarpone/sabayon cream. Serve with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce. Top with melted lemon head garnish.

      1. i'd puree the twinkies, and mix in some graham cracker crumbs. spread in layer and bake as shortbread.

        put lemonheads in a saucepan with a little water, melt. add the raspberries, along with a little brown sugar and vanilla. reduce til thick

        sandwich shortbreads with a little raspberry and some homemade cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and sugar)

        1. similar to what maxine said...maybe a bit simpler. slice the twinkies lenghwise top to bottom, scoop out the cream filling and mix with the rasberries. Return mixture to the twinkie halves and top with crushed/crumbled lemonhead bits.

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