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Mar 9, 2012 06:02 AM

Super Sunday Indian Parade: Worth going to? Safe? Food? Music?

I just read online about the Super Sunday Indian parade, on March 18, which starts at Al Davis Park around 1pm. It also stated that there would be much music there and some food as well. Does anybody have an y experience with this? Fun? Safe for a middle age couple? We are visiting NO and really don't know much about this except what we have seen on Treme., Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. There will be a couple food trucks (corn dogs, fried dough, and chicken on a stick food trucks, not artisinal free range Korean BBQ tacos food trucks) and a church or firehouse or something does plate lunches of red beans and fried fish/chicken. There will be at least one truck doing BBQ off a trailer parked outside the park. Entrepreneurs will be walking around selling water, cokes and beer out of coolers, unless the city decides to crack down on the dangerous scourge of folks hawking Heiniken without a license, which they have done in the past. Any published schedule of events you might see, disregard it. Things tend to run several hours behind whatever schedule might be printed in the paper. If you go for about noon, you can see the whole thing - First, many Indians/tribes lay out their suits on sheets on the ground, and people can look and photograph them. Then after awhile they put on their suits, and then eventually the parade will start with each tribe walking separately. Brass bands intersperse the tribes. People follow along behind and in between, it's all very spread out. You just have to go with the flow, it happens when it happens. Is it safe? I don't know, I've never been shot yet so I suppose so. Bad things do happen sometimes in this city, but as far as I know this particular event does not have a history of violence. I could be wrong though. Is it fun? Yes.

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      Thanks! I really appreciate the information. My wife and i are suburbanites from Cleveland and are in our sixties, celebrating an anniversary in New Orleans, so I do not want it to be memorable because we were robbed or worse! Where, exactly should we go. We are eating at commander's Palace that morning (10:30 reservations) and Davis Park looks like it is less than a mile from there. Is that where we should go? Should we walk up Washington Street to the park, or safer to take a cab? Thanks again.

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        Yeah just get a cab to the park from Commander's. Get a card from the cabbie who drops you off to call him back and pick you back up again at like 5:00 or whatever, before it gets dark. Or call United Cabs. It's not really a neighborhood you'd stroll around in. Also last year it was HOT so bring your hat and sunscreen or whatever.

    2. Also in our early 60's, my wife and I plan to attend the Super Sunday festivities while in town for a 45th high school reunion. Never been before, though I attended a Wild Magnolias rehearsal in the early 70's and lived to tell it! Moved to the SF Bay Area in '76 and haven't had a chance to check this out until this visit. Here's a detailed post on last year's Super Sunday:
      As far as food goes, sounds like the Ya Ka Mein Lady is likely to be there.

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        I am also a seasoned citizen who lives in New Orleans and I wouldn't go near the Super Sunday festivities. As uptownlibrarian said "Bad things do happen sometimes in this city". Just MHO.