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Mar 9, 2012 05:15 AM

Shine's 20 Best restaurants

Interesting picks for 20 best in America. Most of the restaurants were in Manhattan. Le Bernadin picked #1 in the country, over EMP#4 and French Laundry #5 ( my #1 pick) , Somehow Peter Luger got in the mix too. See the list it's interesting.

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  1. A typically unimaginative list: mass-media "best" lists like that make me appreciate chowhound all the more for the diversity of opinions and places.

    1. Wow, way to be NYC-centric. While I'd like to think NYC is the greatest city in the world too, having so many restaurants from NYC is just ridiculous.

      It's also not terribly well-researched, to be honest. Anyone with a few minutes on Google can probably come up with this list.

      1. I always look to Shine for my in depth, accurate food reviews.

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        1. re: princeofpork

          The list was ridiculous. I have never even heard of shine. But when I saw best in America, I was curious. then I laughed. I was glad French Laundry made the list, since it isn't in NY. Anyway, it's crazy that people will use that list and travel far to try those places. I guess people will publish anything.

        2. What a ridiculous list.

          1. I looked at this list and initially felt a bit perplexed. I've been to a lot of these places. But the juxtaposition seemed odd. Then it hit me. I think coming up with a list of the 20 best restos in America is like trying to come up with the 20 best athletes in America. There's no way I could come up with a list that anyone else would agree with and in fact many would tell me my choices were stupid. Restaurants fit in different categories and there are different types of sports. If I'm in the mood for some place like EMP or LeB, I ain't thinkig about BBQ no matter how good it is. When I find myself heading home late at night and I happen to be in the EV, there's no place better in the world to grab a late night meal than Ssam Bar. Ask me who compares will Peyton Manning and if I say J Lin (just kidding but you get my drift), everyone will tell me I'm nuts. Lists like this serve no purpose.

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            1. re: Bkeats

              J Lin gets my vote. #1 athlete in America. haha I find these lists amusing , as I find NY Times reviews almost as amusing