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Mar 9, 2012 03:36 AM

Albuquerque - Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest

Hi, The Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest is being held March 23, 24 & 25 at the Convention Center. It looks like it's going to be a lot bigger than last year. I contacted them to see if my niece and a couple of her friends could volunteer to help out, and one of the organizers wrote back saying they're in great need of extra help.

If you volunteer, you needn't sign on for the whole thing -- the event is divided into 5 shifts and you can just help at one -- but you do have to be able to attend a mandatory organizational meeting on 3/22 at 6PM. Volunteers get 2 free tickets, free breakfast and/or lunch, free parking passes for whatever shifts you work, and a hat or t-shirt. And, of course, the chance to sample a lot of coffee and chocolate.

If anyone's interested, here's the website:

Main page: http://www.chocolateandcoffeefest.com/

Volunteer form: http://form.jotform.net/form/20024729155

They seem like nice people trying to do something chowish for the area.

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  1. Way Cool! I am going to Volunteer! Anyone else - we can make it a Chow down~

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      Hi DebitNM!

      I'm bummed not to have seen your reply earlier. Somehow this thread doesn't come up on my queue, and, after checking it a couple of times manually and finding no responses, I just forgot about it until today.

      So did you volunteer? What was it like? My niece and several of her school friends were there on Sunday and, while they were a bit frustrated with one of the other volunteers who was kind of "over-supervising" them, they said it was fun and that there was a pretty impressive array of chocolate and coffee. But they're only 16 and 17. What did you think?

      Best, Ninrn

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        I didn't volunteer. With a couple of hours of training on Thursday, and working 5 or 6 hours, plus driving back and forth 4 times, it didn't seem worth the 2 free tickets. We did go on Saturday and we had a good time. I never thought I would say, "too much chocolate," but it was really an overload. The coffee was good and our favorite roaster was there from Durango.

        Thanks for mentioning it here.