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Mar 8, 2012 11:12 PM

Les Creations lunch dining partner!

Hey everyone,

I'll be heading to Tokyo alone at the end of april and I really want to have lunch at Les Creations, from their site, they do not allow reservations for lone diners, I've already emailed them to enquire about it, but in any case, if anyone wants to have lunch with me anywhere from 23 - 30 April , drop me an email at !

Dont worry Im not a serial killer

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    1. re: Asomaniac

      True, even I'm a serial killer and say that I'm not from time to time...

      1. re: Rio Yeti

        Well, serial killers still have to eat so...

        1. re: lennardy


          Do let us know how your lunch went. I found the dining experience at Narisawa to be very overhyped, disappointing and overpriced (see other posts for more details) and will definitely never have dinner there again (unless someone else pays). I would however be interested to hear what lunch is like - often you do get some great lunch deals in Tokyo, and the food at Narisawa is good - I'd recommend it if dinner cost between 30-50% of what it actually cost and the restaurant knew its place.

          1. re: Asomaniac

            It actually looks like I won't be dining at Narisawa, they replied and told me that they cannot accommodate lone diners. My friend, who had lunch at Narisawa was quite underwhelmed by the food as well, but for me it's one of those things that I have to try and judge for myself. Do you have any other recommendations? I'm looking at Esaki and Quintessence for lunch as well. And if anyone still wants to have lunch, serial killers included, please let me know. Just don't expect me to stick around after the meal

            1. re: lennardy

              If anyone wants a dining partner, not just Narisawa, I'm open to other places as well! I speak English and mandarin as well, although most would find my level of mandarin... Humorous. I can also ask for directions in Spanish

              1. re: Asomaniac

                Nono I'll be there at the end of April, I'm good for anything between 23-30 April. Are there any places you want to try? Drop me an email: