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Mar 8, 2012 10:19 PM

Don's Burgers Fries and Fountain

Well the long rumored Don's has opened up in Morristown...This is supposedly run by those who ran Don's in Livingston. Anyone tried it yet? Anyone with more info?

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  1. There was a recent thread, linked below, on the same subject. However, only a couple of comments from people who have actually eaten there.

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      Thank you for the link. I am hoping that since they have been open for a little bit, they have had a chance to iron out any kinks. Anyone dine there recently?

      1. re: PuniceaRana

        I haven't, but a few people I know have and all liked the burgers. Someone who lived near and frequented the old Don's liked his burger but takes issue with claims made by the new owners that were published in a recent Star Ledger article 2 Wednesdays ago. Regarding "passed down recipes" the original Don's grinded their own beef daily and charbroiled the burgers instead of buying pre ground beef and cooking it on a griddle like the current Don's does. The burger is also smaller than the original and the bun is a commercial Pepperidge Farms bun. The buns at the original were baked on premise.

        One thing I read in the article that I didn't like was a claim about their hot dogs. It was mentioned that they have "an exclusive hot dog recipe from Best." This in an out and out blatant lie. Many places falsely claim this and it is a pet peeve of mine. I've gone into detail elsewhere reagrding this and won't do so now but suffice it to say that I know people from Best Provisions who tell me that while they make franks in varying sizes and with natural casing or skinless; there is only one recipe. Those who claim a special recipe are lying.

        I can tell you many places who repeat the same lie. Irving's Deli in Livingston claims a special recipe from Sabrett. I spoke with distributors and even the person in charge of private label who told me that Sabrett has 2 recipes; one all beef, another beef and pork. All the places using Sabrett franks get one or the other. I was told that they consider it too labor intensive to make "special recipes" and wouldn't do it for Papaya King and Katz's (despite these places claiming otherwise), much less a place like Irvings which is primarily a deli, not a hot dog joint and sells a lot less hot dogs than Papaya King.

        Sorry to get off topic here but if you order a hot dog at Don's, it (unlike the hamburger) is the same that you got in the past; a 1/4 lb natural casing all beef frank from Best Provisions in Newark. I do not know if they prepare it the same way as they did in the past or if the bun is different. But the frank is the exact same despite what the current owners claim. You can actually buy these franks to make at home if you go to Best Provisions on Avon Ave. in Newark. They even have a sign saying Don's dogs. And they cost less than what you would pay elsewhere. In fact you can buy any of the dogs that Best makes. I prefer the Syd's dog that was served at the now gone Syd's Luncheonette. It was a natural casing 5 to a lb beef frank. Longer and thinner than the Don's dog, but the same recipe. Many prefer the longer Syd's dog to the shorter, thicker Don's.

        1. re: hotdoglover

          I loved the old dons from Livingston; unfortunately this is not the same place. The burgers were small and nothing special, the menu was limited, and the broadway was not the same as it was from my youth. Overpriced and underwhelming.