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Tiperary Pub to Open soon in Lakehurst

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in the space of the old "Airship Bar" & formally "Center Ice" next to the
Lakehurst Navy Base ( of Hindenburg Crash fame)....they are remodeling the whole building for an Irish Pub.....that's all i know so far....stay tuned..

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  1. I just past by today......the new space is starting to really look good....all field stone around the bottom of the bulding and they made it bigger too......they should be opening pretty soon....can't wait!

    1. I work on lakehurst and cant wait until that place opens, have you eaten at 3B's? what do you think?

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      1. re: SlamminWatusie

        Havn't tried 3b's as of yet but it's on my list....don't know what to expect there.

        1. re: Tapas52

          I'm taking a family of 11 there on Sunday for Easter. I've been going there since they opened and I've never had a poor meal. I'm a dinner person but even the lunch menu is great. I don't drink so the bar does nothing for me. The sushi is good but a little expense and I'd like to see a lunch menu for the Sushi so it will save me a drive over to Toms River. La Gondola is also recommended.

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            looks like they open tomorrow Thursday 4/12

            1. re: Tapas52

              looks like they open on MAY 1st according to the website...................

              1. re: Tapas52

                Delayed openings are never a good sign...

                1. re: Jerseygirl111

                  We'll see .....it looks half finished from outside passing it today....hope they do ok..

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    I hope so too. Problem with a lot of "Irish" pubs is that there winds up being very little "Irish" about them.
                    If you see Budweiser on any of the beer taps, just walk away.

                    1. re: The Professor

                      Just a note:....I passed by tonight it's OPEN now .....parking lot was packed...

          2. re: Tapas52

            3B is worth a stop ,prices are right and most of the food is good ,small portions...upscale interior.Heard Tipperary Pub is Ok .prices are right .I hope the local yahoos do not ruin the place

            1. re: big1515

              Good Breakfast sandwiches at the new LUCKY "7" across the street in the old WAWA space...not much ever going on in Lakehurst.

        2. My wife and I stopped in the Tipperary Pub this evening, around 7:00pm. Place was crowded but there wasn't any wait.
          We sat at the bar and it took a little while before one of the 3 bartenders took our drink order and gave us a couple of menu's. The staff seemed like they were in over their heads. A lot of confusion and rushing from one end of the bar to the other. We found out that they had just opened a week ago and hadn't yet had their "Grand Opening". That being said, I was willing to give them a pass on the service due to growing pains and getting into a routine, but of the 3 bartenders, 1 knew what she was doing, 1 needed to pick up the pace, and the last needed to calm down.
          After getting our drinks (my wife ordered a Coors Light, and I had a Smithwicks, and we were never asked if we wanted a glass or a pint), and dropping off the menus, our bartender took off and never came back to us. Finally, Dana came by and took our food order. We received our food in a timely manner. My wife had the Tipperary Burger with cheddar cheese and I went with the pulled pork sanwich with a bourbon BBQ sauce. The burger was served medium as requested and was very tasty. The pulled pork also was good, moist and hot, but I was disappointed in the Bourbon BBQ sauce. It was very mild, didn't do anything to wow me. Both sandwiches were served on a toasted bun and came with thin, shoestring fries which I thought tasted very good, tho I would have preferred if they were a little more crispy. They also came with a small plastic cup of cole slaw. It was warm and bland.

          The place has about 15 beers on tap and over 50 whiskey's on their whiskey menu. They do offer three drink samples of the beer, wine, and whiskey, but the samples are predetermined. I forget the prices of the beer and wine samplers, but the whiskey sampler is $14.00. Each sample is about half a shot.
          The fare offered was typical Irish Pub food; Ruebens, Shepherds Pie, Fish & Chips, etc. Prices were fair; $7.99 for sandwiches, $10.99 for the Shepherds Pie.

          On the whole we felt the food was "OK", but the service definitely needs work. Hopefully they can work that out in time.

          I'd be willing to give them another go in a few weeks.


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          1. re: gigotz

            The place need alot of work .. The beer MUST be cold !! Chill the glasses
            The 4 owners need to be more pro-active ,since none have been in the Eatery bussiness before.
            They may want to spend some time @ Kelly's in Nepunce City to find out how it is done .The Corn Beef @ TP is subpar and rye bread is Shop Rite's own ,Maybe try Glory's Rye ...one of the best .The hand cut fries are soggy from oil that is not hot enought . They could make it ,but they have to push hard in the right direction ..The service was luke warn ,in need of training and social skills

            1. re: big1515

              LOL. A matter of opinion and personal taste.
              If I go into a place and they have a great beer selection but pour it frozen into chilled glasses, it makes it clear that they don't know what they're doing, and that they don't know anything about beer.

              Save the frosted mugs for the wimp beers like Budweiser, Coors, and their ilk. The good stuff should never be poured into a frozen glass.

              1. re: The Professor

                "If I go into a place and they have a great beer selection but pour it frozen into chilled glasses, it makes it clear that they don't know what they're doing, and that they don't know anything about beer."

                I have gotten to a point where I will ask for a non-frozen glass. I want the full taste of the beer, not a muted version from a too cold glass or keg.

                1. re: The Professor

                  Chilled and frozen are to two different things Professor ..The thrust of my post was that this place has to pay attention to detail and the beer glass is not that important ,the product they pour and serve is the real focus

                  1. re: big1515

                    No argument there.
                    But in too many places, chilled does mean practically frozen.

                    In truth, like MGZ, I've lately taken to specifically requesting a non-chilled glass.

            2. My wife and I went there for lunch this past Monday afternoon. We have mixed feelings so far, but are willing to give it a second /possibly third chance since they only just opened. I had a corned beef sandwich (The Tip I believe?) and my wife had the seasonal salad (greens w/ goat cheese, honeydew melon slices, candied pecans, and a raspberry vinegarette). The corned beef was rediculously salty....and my only feeling on this is that if your going to open an irish pub, you better at least perfect your corned beef first (also, offering only French's mustard with corned beef is a red flag as well). My wife enjoyed her salad, although even the waitress volunteered bringing extra vinegarette, as there was hardly any on it as served. Also, my wife thought it would have been nicer having a warm goat cheese crouton served with it rather than just the crumbled...since anyone can do that at home.
              As for the mood and decor....this is where the place lost us. We were there at around 1:00 pm on a MONDAY afternoon and the music the entire time we were there consisted of club hip hop music played way too loud. It was WAY out of character with the supposed theme, and not the type of music I want to hear at a casual irish pub!!!
              The decor is simple, but nice....does appear they are still waiting on wall decor for about 1/4 of the restaraunt, but sure that is just temporary.
              Although I wish them the best, I tend to wonder wether any of the owners are really irish!

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              1. re: clambake44

                CB44, I totally agree with you on the music and the decor. Club/Hip Hop in an "Irish Pub"? Really???
                Also, something that struck me as very odd. No pool table or Dart board. Now, I can give a pass on the pool table, But for an Irish Pub to NOT have a Dart board, well...isn't that against the law, or something???

                1. re: gigotz

                  So depressing reading these reviews makes me wanna run to NYC to a Blarney Stone Pub ....lol

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    Well, as I said, they've only been open a week and a half. I'm willing to give them some time to work out the kinks and give them another try, It wasn't all that bad, and with some very slight adjustments, this could be a really good place to hang.

                    1. re: gigotz

                      I'll give them another shot also. But someone, please let me know when they get some colemans mustard to accompany their corned beef and they put an end to the awful club/ hip hop music (mind you, my wife & i are in our thirties... But you should have seen the look on the couple of 80ish year old women seated next to us)!

                      1. re: clambake44

                        I think the music is seconday ,but hip hop is out ...!.up grade the quality of the food and train the staff ...The rest will work it self out

                        1. re: big1515

                          Wife and i went to the pub today for lunch. Music was traditional Irish.Service was fine. Waitress was nice. Food was good. Corned beef was salty.Waitress told us that the were still working out some kinks.Shoestring fries are always good. Whiskey menu a nice touch. Cider was great. Wife enjoyed the 10 oz. beer glass option. Have to agree with gigotz's review. All in all, we would definately go back.

                          1. re: Roryy

                            Let's face it the Corn beef is awful ..it is suppose to be a staple in irish resturants ,but @ TP it is not only salty ,but tough and poor quailty .If this is not fixed soon with a much better product it will cost the TP a percentage of bussiness !!

                            1. re: big1515

                              Hopefully they'll perfect the corned beef and the rest of the kinks with time. My favorite irish pub around is St.. Stephens green public house in spring lake, but it would be much more convenient if we did't have to travel quite as far for decent irish food and atmosphere. And so far, perhaps the owners are listening to us...as recent chow reviews haven't reported rap/ hip hop music. Now lets just hope they work on the corned beef.

                              1. re: clambake44

                                Went to Kelly's in Neputne City to try some good cornbeef ,but was surprised that thier level has gone down hill ,the lunch crowd was gone and food was just OK .
                                TP you may have chance to corner some of the irish market .
                                The word on the street is lower drink prices or suffer loose of bar customers !!

                                1. re: big1515

                                  In that area....lower the drink prices will invite the riff raff...!

                                  1. re: Tapas52

                                    Lakehust has many yahoos which can be cosidered riff raff ,but as we know that is your normal bar crowd .A customer is a customer ..