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Mar 8, 2012 07:41 PM

Pizza Help

I will be driving from Washington to NYC in a few weeks and seek a good pizza for lunch. As a born and bred Brooklynite the one thing I truly miss is good pizza. What would work is a place winthin a few miles of the Turnpike, say btwn exits 7 and 13. All help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Get off the TP at 7A and head for Delorenzo's on Route 33 in Robbinsville. Touted to be the best in the state.

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      I couldn't agree with the Delorenzo's reference more, however if he is looking for something reminiscent of Brooklyn, this is not the place. But I would take Delo's over a Brooklyn pie any day of the week! -mJ

    2. Tom, I'm hearing that the Robbinsville location is always 'jammed' and that the wait is far more than that of the Hamilton St. location. Actually hearing that it is an insane wait (all of the time) as our well heeled suburbanites don't do the 'hood' or in this case the 'Burg' lol.

      I'd recommend that Coop audible and get on #295 N as he enters NJ and do the Trenton location. It's a quick jitney off that roadway and won't take him out of the way as he returns home. Plus, te room in Trenton is more 'old school' as well.

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        Since the Hudson street Trenton location closed, the Robbinsville Delorenzo's has been a disaster as far as trying to get in. Yesterday (Friday) was a good example. The place opens at 4:00 pm we got there 5:10. Normally there would still be a couple tables still empty or if full several tables would open up as many people get there when they open.

        Yesterday, a 1 hour wait at 5:10 and from the crowd that I saw waiting, it was likely a 90 minute wait. Needless to say we hit a local joint on the way home.

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          went to Gennaro's last night (down the road from DeLo's on 33) around 6pm and they were slammed also. Waitress said Fridays during Lent are brutal.

        2. re: JustJake

          Tom246 is right. The Hudson street location closed about a month ago. If RC has the time and inclination, he might want to go into Trenton and try Papa's on Chambers St. It's the oldest, continuously open, Tomato Pie or Pizza place in the country. It also has a style pie more akin to what RC probably had in Brooklyn and many people think it is superior to Delorenzo’s.

          My personal choice would be to continue down Rt. 33 to JoJo’s located at 5 points.

          1. re: TomDel

            First, thank you all for your helpful responses. On our last two trips through New Jersey we had lunch at DeLorenzos. Great pizza, nice ambiance, alas awfully long waits. So I thought I would seek an alternative for my pizza lunch. I will try to locate Papa's and JoJo's on my GPS. Any other suggestions???? We be doing this trip a few times this year.

        3. More than the few miles you indicated but may be worth your while to visit the town of Matawan / Aberdeen and visit De Nenino's and/or Ciro Pizza Cafe which are both out of Staten Island and about as good as any NY style pizza you will find in Jersey.

          1. Today I was in Cranbury Pizza (exit 8A of NJ Turnpike) and there was a woman in there was born in Brooklyn who said the pizza there reminded her pizza from Brooklyn.

            All I know is that the pizza is my favorite. I have never been to Delorenzo's, but Cranbury Pizza is good enough for me.