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Mar 8, 2012 07:38 PM

Silly Question [moved from Home Cooking]

My stove hasn't been working the last few months and being that I was away for a while, I never got it fixed. My gas bill has been tiny. I have however been cooking. So here's my question.

Does anyone on the planet ever use their Foreman grill anymore? I have the big round one. The fusion grill. Love it for things like Turkey Burger. Put the top on and it stays so moist.

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  1. Honestly, I have no idea why you would have a GFG instead of a Panini press. Granted, the two are almost the same (and I'm going off of old George Foreman models, so they may have improved by now), but with panini presses you can get a couple of nice things. The floating top part is clutch. You open it up and it swivels- when you close it, it can lay flat on top of whatever you're cooking/grilling.

    If the GFG does that too, great. At that point it would be about how well it heats up/retains heat. From my own recollection, it was woefully inadequate. You know your own hardware best, so if it works for you- that's great.

    Anyway, I guess my answer is no, I do not use my Foreman grill anymore, but I use an equivalent, the panini press, which I found has more useful little features.

    Also, the GFG never made my steaks very good. I prefer doing it myself on the stovetop/in the oven.

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      This isn't the old school press GFG. This is the one I have. Grills and steams. Leaving things that normally dry out very quick. I wouldn't do thick steaks, but it's great for using cheaper steaks for Philly Cheese Steaks. And it keeps chicken cutlets moist without cooking in oil or butter.