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Mar 8, 2012 07:01 PM

How do you turn your roast chicken?

If you're a chicken-turner, what's your tool or technique of choice? I've finagled this and that over the years, but am wondering what other 'hounds do to turn easily turn that bird without fear of burning themselves, tearing that beautiful skin (on the bird), or just plumb dropping the thing.

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  1. I am not a chicken turner, but when I lift my turkey out of the pan I do a closed tongue in the neck cavity and a wooden spoon in the bottom technique. I'd probably modify this for turning. I'd definitely use tongs, maybe two sets. One set because in the neck cavity maybe to support the weight and lift from the inside as not to damage the skin and then another set to turn or maybe a fish spatula to guide it over or something. If it was a small chicken I might just grip the inside of the neck cavity and the keel bone and turn it one handed.

    1. Depends on the size of the bird. For a small chicken, I just put a large wooden spoon in the cavity, lift and turn, using a silicone spatula on the outside to guide the flip. A larger bird requires the use of two silicone oven mitts. They are ridged for a secure grip, but smooth enough that the skin is not damaged.

      1. Never turn it, but if I did I think I would go for two sets of tongs and figure there would be a little tearing but nothing to worry about.

        1. I only roast small birds. So how i do it is I actually open up larger tongs through the cavity of the bird and turn it... kinda hard to explain.

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              Oh, you mean the tongs are open inside the cavity, so each arm hits the side of the cavity? I'd never thought of that. I'll see what happens next time. I've always stuck one arm of the tongs in the cavity and one arm outside the bird near its backbone and pinched and turned. It has never torn the skin.

            2. I make two balls of paper towels, one in each hand, and flip. The least trauma to the bird.

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                This is what i used to do before I decided to roast bird in heated cast iron so no turning necessary.

                1. re: Becca Porter

                  Nice. That's more or less what I do these days, sometimes with tongs in the cavity in one hand and PT in the other.