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Mar 8, 2012 06:52 PM

south of spain trip

us and our friends are going on the road trip of southern spain in the late april-early may. places to be visited:
valencia-alicante-cartagena-motril-granada-malaga-ronda-marbelja-tarifa-cadis-arcos de la frontera-seville-cordoba-toledo-madrid

so far i've mapped out the food in valencia, alicante, granada, seville, cordoba, toledo, madrid.
can anybody please suggest something in the "smaller" towns, specifically cartagena, mortil, ronda and so forth according to the list.

thank you all very much!!!

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  1. Sanlucar,El Puerto(de Santa Maria)Aracena caves,setas and Jamon,!

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      1. re: lunahod

        also, i'm sorry, but it's a little our of the way. can u please indicate something in tarifa, cartagena, motril, ronda.
        thanks a lot.

        1. re: lunahod

          De nada,Also El Puerto is home to Osborne sherry who offer tours. Beautiful grounds!

          1. re: LeRique

            I mentioned EP and Sanlucar cause they are close to Cadiz by the way Ronda is my fave and Motril is really touristy,and speaking of smaller towns and Ronda I would suggest Grazalema

            1. re: LeRique

              thank you! do you have a favorite place in Ronda to eat? in Motril? anything you'd suggest in Cartagena?

              1. re: lunahod

                Tragatapas is cool.and one block away and underneat thehotel DonMiguel is a simple rest. with,great views friendly ,local specialities basic Ronda food.Don't confuse the tapas bar with tragabuches the upscale rest.