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Mar 8, 2012 06:49 PM

profiteroles: back bay or south end

I got re-hooked on profiteroles filled with ice cream while up in Stowe over the weekend. Does any have a great version is the back bay or south end?

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the the profiteroles at Petit Robert Bistro. I sat at the bar at the Kenmore Sq restaurant, the dessert prep station is located there. When the preparer realized he was prepping our profiterole, he looked at me and smiled. He had the ladle of chocolate sauce in his hand, and said to me, "say when". I was thrilled! They have ice cream in them, which I prefer. I had the profiteroles at Maggiano's years ago, and they were v. good. I recently had them at La Voile. Not enough chocolate sauce, and they had creme filling.

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      I'm not willing to compromise on the ice cream :-)

      1. re: NahantNative

        You have two great leads here. Love both Petit Robert and Brasserie Jo versions.

        Here's a photo of the Giant Profiterole at Petit Robert on Columbus. You can certainly share this one! Two scoops of ice cream.

        Our bartender said they are careful to keep the chocolate at just the right temperature so it's warm and thick and doesn't turn the ice cream into soup.

        Now I'm going to have to get one of these this weekend.


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          hehe NahantNative - it never occurred to ask them what the filling was. Definitely would have passed as it was creme.

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          I agree on Maggiano's. Not a chow find but I'm always surprised that i enjoy this place when I go.

        3. The version at Brasserie Jo is my favorite. Great chocolate. Petit Robert Central does a single giant one that's pretty good.

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            Second Brasserie Jo. The chocolate, which has a lovely bitter edge, is presented in a pitcher and they'll pour until you tell them to stop. Fair warning: two people will struggle to finish one order.

          2. LOVE the robert bistro one, definitely more than enough for 2. I saw so many go out at my one trip to Brasserie Jo, they look delicious as well and the presentation is better as they pour the chocolate in front of you. I want to try Brasserie Jo's sooner or later. The chocolate mousse is fun and tasty at Brasserie as well.

            1. I have long been a fan of the profiteroles at Brasserie Jo but recently tried the version at Petit Robert Columbus. While the Brasserie Jo version is more dramatic and excessive with the chocolate pour etc..., I found the actual choux pastry of the profiterole much better at Petit Robert (tender), and also think the flavor of both the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was better at Petit Robert.