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Mar 8, 2012 06:27 PM

Solo lunch in Paris for foi gras cheese and wine thursday April 5

looking for lunch recommendations for a foodie who loves foi gras cheese and wine. Quality and unique experience are what im looking for. Atmosphere is not necessary. I think I've got it narrowed to Le'ami jean or les papilles. I want to make reservations soon. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm in Paris for one day then off to Amsterdam.

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  1. CLJ is a better bet as it has an ALC rather than the set menu at Papilles which may not have the items you want.

    1. Tthe best cheese platter I have had has been chez Casimir.
      Its foie gras and wines are not shabby either.
      But it is the kind of bistro that changes its menu all the time.
      But I always see foie gras on the menu.
      Here is a pic of the cheese plate chez Casimir courtesy Paris By Mouth:

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        I can vouch for both statements are pics of my foie gras and the awesome cheese plate at Chez Casimir, from January of this year:

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          Best cheese plate l have had in Paris for some time. OTOH the whole roasted foie gras at CLAJ is the best of it's genre as well, but there is no way one person could eat it, even uhockey. No cheese tray at CLAJ.

        2. The original comment has been removed