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Mar 8, 2012 05:23 PM

Catering for 40th birthday party in Tampa (Lithia/Fish Hawk)

I do not live in Tampa but am helping to plan a 40th birthday party there and we will need a caterer. It will likely be for about 20 people, so relatively small. We are open to type of food--Italian, Mexican, American, other. Probably the only types of food we wouldn't be interested in would be Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese. Looking for something that will please a wide range of tastes (kids + adults). Any recos?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Lithia/FishHawk is well into the category of New Suburb Beautiful, so chains are going to be the majority of what is available.

      I would start with the folks with whom you are planning the party -- what do THEY know?

      It's a chain, but Smokey Bones BBQ has pretty good Q, but above that, I always found them incredibly easy to work with - friendly, helpful, and met my budget with no problems.

      For local barbecue in the same area, First Choice has far better barbecue -- the only reason I didn't list them first is because while I've eaten my weight in their 'cue over the years, I've never catered with them - we had time issue with the parties I ended up booking with Smokey Bones.

      Other than that, you have all the usual suspects - Carrabba's does good Italian --