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Mar 8, 2012 05:00 PM

En cachette speakeasy

Has anyone been there yet?

I came across this on Google. Looks like it's a new bistro/bar in Quartier Latin. Do I have reasons to be skeptical about this?

I used to like the speakeasy concept (in US cities anyway, since it's absent in Montreal). I mean, really? A so-called speakeasy right on St-Denis in Quartier Latin?!? This kinda kills my interest.

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  1. looking at the menu (on facebook) :

    crevette avec sauce "ranch"
    ailes de poulet avec sauce "ranch"
    galette de crabe avec sauce "ranch"

    and other "bar" style food.

    It looks like a "cusine grecque et canadienne" kind of place.

    skeptical indeed.

    1. Photos on Facebook put me right off, it looks like shit imo.

      They're pushing a crappy tavern menu with pics of shot glasses lined up across the bar, expensive bottles of bubbly and draft beer on tap (wtf happened to craft cocktails & hard liquor - there's not a single photo of a proper drink to be found!), douchebags dancing around their tables, some fat guy in a hoodie drinking sapporo, trendy house dj, and a bunch of cheeseball 'repeal 18th ammendment' signs and dumb posts on their facebook wall about jazz era flappers. Yeah right, this place looks more like some clueless interior decorator's cartoony marketing proposition of a roaring twenties speakeasy than a halfway decent night spot destination for good drinks and/or atmosphere. I don't even think they understand what a speakeasy is supposed to be about. Unless someone else ventures out and makes me eat my words, I have no desire to ever step foot in this trendy mock up.

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