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Mar 8, 2012 04:37 PM

Dinner in Dot

Any recomendation's for an early Dinner in Dorchester Saturday night

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  1. Merengue for Dominican food! See my report here:

    It's technically in Roxbury, but it's on Blue Hill Ave which is the border with Dorchester, so should fit the bill!

    Dave MP

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    1. I really like Dbar on Dorchester Ave for interesting new American food below $20. The Ledge was good my one time there. Restaurant Cesaria on Bowdoin St. is a pleasant space serving Cape Verdean food.

      1. 1. Tavolo in the new Carruth building next to Ashmont Station.
        2. Pho2000 on Adams Street west out of Fields Corner Station.
        3. Savin Kitchen & Bar outside Savin Hill Station (much improved since they opened).
        4. Singh's Roti on Columbia Rd. (good Cape Verdean place a few doors down from there that I can't think the name of right now).

        1. Drive to Quincy or JP... Heh heh.

          And I live in Dot.

          dBar or Tavalo. Sit at the bar .

          1. Ashmont Grill is excellent