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Mar 8, 2012 04:34 PM

Sotto for Dinner - What to Order

Suggestions please

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  1. Definitely order a cocktail (or two). They have a great bar program.
    Bread with Lardo is a stunner.
    Meatballs are good, Blistered little gem salad good. Octopus and Mackerel are very good.
    Pork chop (or anything porky) always really good.
    All the pastas I've tried have been great - small portions, pricey, but flavor bombs.
    The Guanciale pizza is what I keep going back for, though.
    Imo, desserts are just okay.
    You can't go too far wrong. Have a great meal!

    1. Really outstanding. Great service drinks and food. The pizza was wonderful. Pork meatballs very good. Little gems very good. Octopus very good. Brick chicken great. One of the best new restaurants in LA..

      1. I love almost everything at Sotto but, a few things I tend to stay away from (I love sardines but their sardine dish is just so-so). Squid in fusilli is amazing, the whole fish is great. Lately the soup of the day has been blowing me away. And I'll second that lardo.

        1. Love this place. Great food and service every time.

          Grilled Mackerel - outstanding
          Margherita pizza - very good, but I like the pork cheek better
          Chickapee fritters - very good. Server brought them complimentary because she felt the main course was taking a bit long. We did not notice. She was great.

          Pork Chop Porterhouse - Off the charts!

          Great drinks, for sure a part of the regular rotation.

          1. Great recs so far.

            I'm probably in the minority here, but I thought the pizza was the weakest item on the menu.

            Favorites for me where:

            - squid ink fusilli
            - pig's head ragu
            - meatballs: tip, order the bread (add burratta or lardo) and then make a killer hoagie with the meatballs, divine!