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Mar 8, 2012 02:48 PM

Birthday Dinner for 16 year old and 6 friends

I am taking my daughter and several of her friends to Atlanta for the weekend, staying by Perimeter Mall. I'd like to take them to dinner to celebrate, somewhere close, somewhere with multiple options as I don't know just how picky they might be, and hope to keep it under 40/ head.

Anyone able to help me? Thanks!

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  1. maggianos handles groups really well--food is very good--large portions so may be able to split some meals--theyre in the Mall.Brios is also close,more varied menu,but also more money--ncer setting--can sit outside if its nice.

    1. I'd choose Eclipse di Luna. Not a national chain, like so many of the restaurants around Perimeter, they have a wide variety of tapas, and they handle groups well. It's a fun, festive atmosphere with good food.

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        Thanks to you both! I think the girls value fun over food, at this stage.... I'll present options to the Birthday Girl.